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Welcome to Sunny 🌞 Clearwater Florida! You’ve arrived at Doc’s MAGA Archives. The Most Hated and ShadowBanned by Big-Tech, Hobbyist Operated MAGA Supersite in Cyberspace! 😎

America has been taken over by globalists that hate what America stands for. Personally, I believe the people are fed up with their rights being squashed. There’s a reason the capital is lined with barbed wire fencing and staffed by the National Guard. The Biden Harris admin is presently turning America into a 3rd world shit-hole and they are very afraid! The people are tired of being censored by social media monoliths who suspend members’ accounts because they are private companies and are allowed to deny our 1st amendment rights to free speech. Check out Donald Trump’s latest words of wisdom and criticism of Democrats and the Biden Admin on his new blog! 😉

the great maga rino hunt 2021

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