Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren DNA Test Proves She’s Pretendian

President Trump manipulated Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren into revealing her Indian ancestry is mostly a fraud! He kept pushing Pocahontas button until 2 weeks before the midterms she spit it out forcing the DNC into ridicule her stupidity 🙄

Pocahontas DNA Fraud
President Trump pushed Pocahontas button forcing her to reveal her DNA Indian ancestry is mostly a fraud 2 weeks before the midterm election

Pocahontas has lived a big lie for decades claiming she was an Indian. Her DNA test revealed it’s mostly Bull!

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s release of a DNA test that suggested a lineage to a distant Native American ancestor has roiled the Cherokee Nation and others in indigenous communities frustrated about the seizure of cultural and social ties for political maneuvering.

The Massachusetts Democrat, a likely presidential contender in 2020, released the test Monday in an attempt to neutralize attacks from President Trump and other Republicans. She has previously cited family stories to claim Cherokee and Delaware Indian heritage.

But the public rollout, accompanied by a campaign-like video, has provoked strong rebukes from tribal leaders and activists. “It makes a mockery out of DNA tests and its legitimate uses while also dishonoring legitimate tribal governments and their citizens, whose ancestors are well documented and whose heritage is proven.

Senator Warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage. Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. said in a statement. 😡


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