Full Video: Trump Rally 10/24/18 Mosinee, WI. Central Airport Hangar

At Wednesday nights KAG2018 Rally in Mosinee WI. The President spoke about the discovery of the explosive devices mailed to Democrats, and CNN. Any acts or threats of political violence are an attack on our democracy itself. Trump was in Wisconsin to stump for embattled Republican Governor Scott Walker, who is seeking his third term. The president also rallied for Republican Senate candidate Leah Vukmir.

President Trump called for peace and harmony but also criticized the media for their endless hostility. The President used a toned-down version of his usual pitch against Democrats. We’re all behaving very well. And hopefully we can keep it that way, he said to the people at the rally. He later noted that he wasn’t yelling, and was trying to be nice.

The president discussed the confirmation process for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, which was previously a cudgel against Democrats. Mr. Trump said “the way they made him suffer,” although he did not specifically define who “they” were. He said that the country had to get rid of that kind of treatment.

The president also mentioned the usual accomplishments in his speech, such as unemployment and trade. At one point, while discussing African-American unemployment, Mr. Trump boasted that “Kanye West likes me. He also went on an extended riff about making countries such as Japan pay the United States for military support, saying that he tells leaders of foreign countries, you’ve gotta start paying for our protection.

Trump Rally Mosinee, WI. Central Airport
President Trump called for harmony during this rally in Mosinee, WI, and also mentioned the medias attacks on him and republicans

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