President Trump Gets Pelosi Revenge As Liberals Go Bonkers

President Trump got even with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi by canceling her federally funded aircraft travel to Afghanistan, after Pelosi insisted Trump postpone the annual state of the union address. She almost pulled it off, but was caught in route to the airport. Would have been cool to be a fly on the wall when the driver turned around heading back to DC. I can still hear her screaming all the way to Florida! πŸ˜†

Nancy Pelosi
Letter from president Trump to Nancy Pelosi canceling her aircraft transportation to Afghanistan.

House Democrats disembark from their U.S. Air Force bus that turned around midway to it’s airport destination, when president Trump ordered the flight cancelled. Pelosi, stay here and negotiate with president Trump. Selfish Democrats don’t care about America! 😑

Trump's Revenge On Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi’s entourage exits air force bus after president Trump canceled her federally funded trip to Afghanistan.

Meanwhile liberals are going bonkers over disgraced attorney Michael Cohen (lyin’ his ass off) saying president Trump instructed him to lie to congress. The weasel attorney is singing like a canary to dirtbag Bob Mueller hoping to reduce his prison sentence. πŸ˜₯

It’s nothing but a bunch of bullshit. The liberals are throwing up huge a smoke screen trying to protect Obama, Crooked Hillary, and their cronies. It’s the deep state swamp who should be investigating itself, but instead are zeroing in on president trump, with lying scumbag media like CNN, MSNBC, etc fanning the flames!

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