Fox News ‘Forgot Who Got Them There’ Tweet Slammed By Trump

Many faithful Fox News followers have noticed the once great Conservative and President Trump supporting network is tilting further left each day, loading up with Democrats. Taking on dishonest democrats like (Hillary here’s the debate questions) Donna Brazile. I’m still stewing over Fox News airing Hannity Reruns on the 4th dropping President Trump’s Fireworks. FOX News is FAST BECOMING Anti-American! 😡 😡 😡

donna brazile fox news
Fox News continues tilting further left loading up with democrats like Donna Brazile, Hillary Clinton’s debate questions leaker.

President Trump fired off these tweets smacking Fox News between the eyes.. 😆

Watching @FoxNews weekend anchors is worse than watching low ratings Fake News @CNN, or Lyin’ Brian Williams (remember when he totally fabricated a War Story trying to make himself into a hero, & got fired, A very dishonest journalist!) and the crew of degenerate Comcast (NBC/MSNBC) Trump haters, who do whatever Brian & Steve tell them to do. Like CNN, NBC is also way down in the ratings. But @FoxNews, who failed in getting the very BORING Dem debates, is now loading up with Democrats & even using Fake unsourced @nytimes as a “source of information (ask the Times what they paid for the Boston Globe, & what they sold it for (lost 1.5 Billion Dollars), or their old headquarters building disaster, or their unfunded liability? @FoxNews is changing fast, but they forgot the people who got them there!

It’s really just this simple. The MAGA Movement made Fox News into the powerhouse it is today. Kind of like when eBay made it’s appearance in the mid 90’s. Buyers and Sellers made eBay a household name, but scammers pillaged the community as execs denied the fraud and stuffed their pockets full of cash. Execs gave the community the finger and totally trashed the site. Fox News is heading in that very same direction. Donna Brazile! UGGGGGGG! 🙁

We Donald J. Trump supporters bragged about Fox news everywhere, and it’s ratings soared. I once wrote a blog post bragging about the network being President Trump’s favorite station. Steve Doosey once said on Fox&Friends, Mr President if your watching flip the light off and on. Sure enough that light flashed, President Trump was watching. Now they are throwing it all away turning left kissing democrats butts! 😥

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Support President Trump by letting Fox News know your thoughts! 😉

I'm an outspoken good ole southern boy. Fidonet computer bulletin board system operator, hobbyist webmaster, and MAGA blogger. Just hanging out in cyberspace keeping up with tech, 'blogging my opinion' without beating around the bush!

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robert h steele
robert h steele
July 2, 2020 10:20 PM

I quit watching on Sunday it’s like watching CNN.

July 2, 2020 10:24 PM

I dumped my YouTube TV. They added 6 liberal channels and raised the price. They can shovel it up their wazoo!