Plandemic The Movie Censored By Social Media Taken Down By YouTube

This is the extended preview (25 minutes) of the movie plandemic that is being censored by social media, and taken down by Google owned YouTube. The producer has released this preview into the public domain and has invited us to download and share. Is the CoronaVirus a Plandemic? 🙁

Update 05/23/20: Recently Judy Mikovits PHD gave an interview about CoronaVirus Misconceptions to One America News Network (OANN.) The interview ‘part one’ was deleted from oann’s YouTube account. I blogged this article titled ‘what are big tech overlords afraid of?’

Update 05/22/20: Seems the plandemic website was hacked. There are multiple articles ‘here and here‘ reporting on the hack and site defacing. GoDaddy ? the hack could be internal. Also she filed suit to make sure her side of the story got in 2014. See attached pdf current status unknown.

Update 05/17/20: This story has more twists and turns than a roller-coaster. The original domain this blog pointed to when the article was published, is redirecting to another bashing the hell out of Dr. Judy Mikovits. Both domains are registered by GoDaddy with private who-is data. I blogged on 05/13/20 about two websites that were discrediting the plandemic preview video and Mikovits.

Personally speaking, I believe this whole pandemic is a scam between House Democrats and China to trash America’s ROARING TRUMP ECONOMY. We know Communist China could care less how many innocent victims die. Trump stuck it to China with tariffs, and bringing offshore manufacturers who abandoned their country back home. Is the CoronaVirus Pandemic indeed a Plandemic? I wouldn’t put it past democrats to once again try to rid America of Donald Trump!

Update 05/08/20 From the author: Prior to the completion of the full-length documentary we’ll be releasing a series of vignettes. FidoSysop will add the others when available. Subscribe to this site on your right sidebar or below on smartphone to receive notification of new blog posts.

Update 05/07/20: This video was sourced from the authors Vimeo Pro act that went MIA sometime last night. Vimeo is a superior video platform but is known to fold under pressure. They folded quickly when under fire for James O’Keefe of Project Veritas Action undercover The video is now hosted on my cloud server. As far as i can tell IT IS Covered by the Doctrine Of Fair Use. 😉

About the film Plandemic: Humanity is imprisoned by a killer pandemic. People are being arrested for surfing in the ocean and meditating in nature. Nations are collapsing. Hungry citizens are rioting for food. The media has generated so much confusion and fear that people are begging for salvation in a syringe. Billionaire patent owners are pushing for globally mandated vaccines. Anyone who refuses to be injected with experimental poisons will be prohibited from travel, education and work. No, this is not a synopsis for a new horror movie. This is our current reality.

The window of opportunity is open like never before. For the first time in human history, we have the world’s attention. Plandemic will expose the scientific and political elite who run the scam that is our global health system, while laying out a new plan; a plan that allows all of humanity to reconnect with healing forces of nature. 2020 is the code for perfect vision. It is also the year that will go down in history as the moment we finally opened our eyes. FidoSysop’s two cents worth is here! 😡

Plandemic movie preview censored by Google / YouTube

Let’s back up to address how we got here 😥

In the early 1900s, America’s first Billionaire, John D. Rockefeller bought a German pharmaceutical company that would later assist Hitler to implement his eugenics-based vision by manufacturing chemicals and poisons for war. Rockefeller wanted to eliminate the competitors of Western medicine, so he submitted a report to Congress declaring that there were too many doctors and medical schools in America, and that all natural healing modalities were unscientific quackery. Rockefeller called for the standardization of medical education, whereby only his organization be allowed to grant medical school licenses in the US. And so began the practice of immune suppressive, synthetic and toxic drugs. Once people had become dependent on this new system and the addictive drugs it provided, the system switched to a paid program, creating lifelong customers for the Rockefellers. Currently, medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US. Rockefeller’s secret weapon to success was the strategy known as, “problem-reaction-solution.” Create a problem, escalate fear, then offer a pre-planned solution. Sound familiar?

Flash forward to 2020.

They named it COVID19. Our leaders of world health predicted millions would die. The National Guard was deployed. Makeshift hospitals were erected to care for a massive overflow of patients. Mass graves were dug. Terrifying news reports had people everywhere seeking shelter to avoid contact. The plan was unfolding with diabolical precision, but the masters of the Pandemic underestimated one thing… the people. Medical professionals and every-day citizens are sharing critical information online. The overlords of big tech have ordered all dissenting voices to be silenced and banned, but they are too late. The slumbering masses are awake and aware that something is not right. Quarantine has provided the missing element: time. Suddenly, our overworked citizenry has ample time to research and investigate for themselves.

This narrated screen video was produced 8 hours after publishing this article showing how views & shares are being manipulated in real time. Coming from the old school I just don’t understand the censorship? Let folks view Dr. Judy Mikovits PHD interview by Mikki Willis and draw their own conclusion. Reminds me of when Secret Soldiers of Benghazi ended people stood up and shouted HILLARY LIED! 😡

Plandemic Preview Social Media Sharing Stats Update 05/09/20

Narrated video documenting true social media shares to the movie plandemic. These stats don’t lie!

I’m sure this blog post will further add to my Google Dossier. It’s rumored they have my photo pinned to their company dart board. Big tech hates people like me who dares to publish the exposed lies and untruths in society today. As any good Sheriff says – see something – say something!

I'm a retired auto dealer and ASE cert technician. Former Fidonet BBS system operator (sysop) turned Internet hobbyist webmaster. I blog about politics and other topics without any sugarcoating, beating around the bush, or holding back!

20 Thoughts to “Plandemic The Movie Censored By Social Media Taken Down By YouTube”

  1. Anonymous

    Once again I say, ‘ Rather than defund OUR Great Police Departments, It would B more appropriate 2 DEFUND
    Secret Service protection 4 certain FAR left wingers like Shumer; AOC; & other Liberal Perps.’ Also, Deport P’sOS like
    Geo SorASS who R TRAITORS 2 OUR Nation w/ their Socialist views; ACTIONs; & BLM (B)urning) (L)ooting) & (M)urdering demonstrations around the country. Just my Opinion!

    1. DocCyber

      I’m ashamed of those democrats who obviously stole this election. With the help of left winger social media and big tech democrats did what they usually do cheat. Donald Trump served America ?? well during his term. Despite always looking after America first he must be weary and needs a break!

      Maybe after Biden / Harris muck our economy up taking kickbacks from China and who knows where else, Donald Trump may run again in 2024!

  2. Lewis

    Hey Guys & Gals, what campaign promise did Trump kept since 2016?
    The only one that comes to mind is the suppression of the TTIP.

    that’s all.

    I remind you that Fauci, beatrice birx (pronounce bitch) are all part of The Donald administration pushing Bill gates agenda.

    Didn’t Trump recently said that he would use the army to force vaccinate the population?

    Trump is one of them, why do you think they haven’t killed him yet like they do to those who fight their agendas (JFK, MLK, RK, MX) ?

    Trump is either one of them or now a tool of the globalists pushing for their world dictatorship.

    Solution won’t come from him or any other politician, solution is in our hands, in our arms and weapons.

    1. DocCyber

      Dems must be running scared trolling this blog! ?

  3. John Wayne

    As we all know, the system is used against you, Judy filed a lawsuit to make sure her side of the story got out because they silenced her. It is linked here, please read it. Don’t mind it came from the completely biased source which keeps rewriting the same article and moving paragraphs around to supposedly Fact check. This just means pointing to its other articles, and those others whose ideas they have regurgitated.

    1. DocCyber

      The lawsuit was filed in 2014. What is the current case status?

      1. John Wayne

        it was dismissed, she could not produce the items that had been stolen. There were also legal issues due to HIPPA rules that would have made it a crime for her to turn them over if she did have them.

        If you read her lawsuit along side of this biased article,, you get the full picture of what went on.

        1. DocCyber

          John Wayne, reminds me of the good old days as a child watching western movies.

          Thanks for the added information and links ?

    2. John Wayne

      here is a link to an article from 2015 in regards to the engineered virus

  4. CC is running a quote “factcheck” on Micovits and the movie. Looks like that needs to be counter fact checked and exposed. The msm is out to take the movie and this doctor down like they did Flynn.

    1. DocCyber

      Thanks for the tipoff sounds like something big tech would do. I’ll check it out. ?

      1. Michael Polidori

        In 2003 we had SARS-CoV-1. SARS-1 didn’t live up to public health officials hype. According to the CDC, SARS-1 spread to 22 countries and the WORLWIDE death toll was less than 800.

        Fauci, who has headed the NIAID since 1984, and other public health officials, convinced Bush to create an Executive Order giving top health officials the right to quarantine healthy people under certain limited conditions.

        In 2009 we had a manufactured flu pandemic. As an example… School superintendents across the state of Virginia sent a memorandum to all schools, telling schools to report ALL absences as flu related, no matter what was known about the absence.

        In 2009 hospitals stopped everyone entering to ask questions, prohibiting entry to suspected ill.
        Useless, as asymptomatic people supressing and destroying the virus, were still able to spread it.
        So could liars, wanting to visit their moms.

        Despite the manufactured hype, the CDC reports the mortality estimate for the 2009 pandemic was 0.02% to 0.03%, 3X to 5X LESS than the average estimate for flus.
        In those people that died with a flu diagnosis ALL have conditions or diseases that were the primary cause of death, not the flu.

        In 2014 Obama was encouraged by Fauci and crew to modify Bush’s Executive Order, allowing public health “authorities” to call nationwide quarantining for an upper respiratory infection… like COVID/SARS-2/Corona-Virus.
        The nationwide shutdown can also be called for an ordinary flu.

        I have ideas why it took 6 years to call on this authority… maybe other readers know of times they may have practiced with this authority?
        But my ideas about the “why” involve trillions in wealth transfers that go far beyond the current boondoggles involving less than $10 trillion, crushing Social Security by extending Medicare to all without insurance, destroying many retirement systems tgrough a permanent “correction” of the stock market, loss of private ownership for most of us… creation of a slave labor market economy, without regulatory protections currently in place as our government is dismantled through unrepayable debt, and our Constitution is either ignored, modified or replaced due to this fabricated crisis.

        Out of this fiasco I predict we see our first trillionaire, maybe multiples.
        I also predict Biden drops out of the race and the DNC will fly it’s Corporate flag publicly, declaring that H Clinton will be the selected candidate to run against The Donald.
        Both the DNC & RNC are private corporations that can pick any candidate they want without a “primary”, without voter input.

        Just when things were as bad as you thought they could be, in come the Clintons to oversee the dismantling of our nation, in our best interests of course.

        All over a mild upper respiratory infection…

        As always,
        For the protection of children,
        In the interests of Truth and Science,
        Michael Polidori

        1. DocCyber

          Thanks Michael for your comment. Interesting reading for sure. ?

  5. Kathy Roberts

    Outstanding preview. Thank you!

    1. DocCyber

      More coming soon. Subscribe for new posts / video notifications ?

  6. L Morea

    Thank you!!! America is waking up one person at a time… but at least they’re waking!!!

    1. DocCyber

      These so called experts were feeding President Trump and the media bogus data. We’re all going to have to work our butts off to make up all we’ve lost! I wanna see some handcuffs being handed out soon! ☠️

      1. Lee Hays

        Absolutely correct. New York governor stated a finding that 66% of people caught the virus from home!! Other findings are that the vast majority of deaths were people who had so some underlying medical condition. Additionally, significant finding was a large percentage of deaths couldn’t be determined if they had the virus and/or underlying health conditions. A major finding was , deaths caused by the virus with no underlying conditions was small for all age groups! Amazing! Also, our Surgeon General states that using a mask is counter productive and could lead to getting the virus sooner. This a sampling of the lies we are being fed by corrupt media, the Socialist/communist Democrats at every level of government!!

        1. DocCyber

          Thanks Lee for your comment. Personally i think it’s a big scam developed to kill our economy and blame it on president Trump! Democrats are showing what asses they are. That Obama loving Texas Judge who jailed a salon owner trying to feed her kids is but one example of Democrats destroying our homeland! The old saying goes ya can’t fix stupid but we CAN VOTE THEM OUT! This crap drives me crazy. Lets give president Donald J. Trump 4 more years! He will lead America out of this debacle to become way better than ever before!

        2. Lee

          Thanks. I believe with all the corruption we’re hearing , the Socialist/communist democratic party will be hard pressed to get elected dog catcher!! Finally, I have heard from a person who works in D.C. that the Socialist/communist Democrats are happy and giving each other high fives with all the deaths, high unemployment, and shutting down the country in Hope’s the country will elect them and not Trump. We MUST ELECT REPUBLICANS AT EVERY LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT!!

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