Alternative Search Engines To Google On The Net

While Google considers themselves the gatekeeper of the internet, there are many alternative search engines available. Some of us already know Google leans way left on political searches. This video shows a quick search for “Baltimore Slums 2019” with Google pointing the finger at president Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who owns properties in Baltimore.

Here we compare the mentioned key-phrase between Google, Bing, & DucKDuckGo.

Looking for unbiased political articles or news? these alternative search engines are worth checking out. Google may rule the net, but other search choices are available!

Bing and DuckDuckGo are my favorite alternative search engines, Google as a last resort. DuckDuckGo feeds off Bing who also feeds Yahoo! search. So the results between these three may be basically identical, other than formatting and styling. Many others subcontract their searches to Google or Bing. AOL for instance gets it’s search from Bing.

alternative search engines
Check out this current list of search engines for getting unbiased political search results. and find deleted content on the net. Is the best search engine for finding deleted consists of websites, music, images, videos, software applications and games, and books under public domain. is a very useful resource for any type of community research, as it searches forums and message boards. Users can either look for content on the forums or for forums related to the specific topic. is one of the 1st search engines being launched in April 1994. Over the years WebCrawler has had several owners and upgrades to date. It must be accessed with a www., founded in 2009, is a metasearch engine that offers a cluster of results. With Yippy, you can search different types of content, including news, images, blogs, government data, etc., and filter the results category wise or flag any inappropriate content. Like Google, it lets you view cached webpages and filter results by sources or tag clouds. is an open source search engine, written in C and C++ programming language. As of 2015, they had indexed more than 12 billion webpages and received billions queries per month. It provides search results to other companies like Zuula, Blingo, Clusty and Snap. is German-based metasearch engine, developed on 24 small scale web crawlers. It focuses on user’s privacy and makes searches untraceable by leaving no footprint behind. Also, it integrates a proxy server so that users can open any link anonymously from the search results while keeping their IP address hidden from the destination server. is extremely useful for bloggers and authors needing content to reuse in a blog posts or commercial applications.

The whole idea of this blog post is to point out there are alternative search engines to Google. It wouldn’t be complete without this link to the news links aggregator. WhatFinger has it all – biased and unbiased. WhatFinger also has apps for iPhone and Android.

If I’ve missed anything, or a source you use or recommend, please comment below. 😉

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