Geraldo Rivera Defending Employers Hiring Illegals

Geraldo Rivera posted a tweet last week defending corporations hiring illegal immigrants after an ICE raid of Chicken processing plan in Louisiana. As it usually is others replied, including me. Yesterday while blogging about Jeffery Epstein alleged suicide, Twitter emailed that my account was locked because of a policy violation. That tweet is below.

Geraldo Riveria
So what’s so bad about this tweet? It’s the truth the left don’t want to hear. It’s why liberals are against border enforcement!

So I get literally slapped silly by Twitter for posting a well worded reply to Geraldo Rivera. There’s no hatred or bad language in my tweet. I mentioned corporate America who is ILLEGALLY employing migrants to do a shitty job that Citizens will not do, as Geraldo put it!

Geraldo migrant defense
ICE raids are lame-agents get a bad name rounding up otherwise law abiding, hard working agricultural workers

One of Geraldo Rivera’s tweets defaming ICE Agents for separating migrant parents from their children. It’s obvious what side of the LAW (or the WALL) he’s sitting on.

Geraldo Rivera IS a Traitor. And big tech bias censorship agrees with this anti-American traitor. EMPLOYERS Should Be Collecting Taxes and Social Security withholding’s. But Geraldo is OK with paying illegals under the table which is BREAKING THE LAW!

Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo Rivera slams ICE Agents for rounding up ILLEGAL Immigrants working under the table for US Corporations

It’s America vs the Globalists. Right vs Wrong. These big tech companies are Intimidating US with threats of account suspension. They know with a quick click of the mouse anyone who disagrees with them will be suspended and de-linked from their friends and followers. I could have appealed my Twitter account lock, like this 3 day Facebook suspension. But the wording in the above screen-shot convinced me to take the hit for Team Trump and move on.

This privately hosted blog allows me to speak my mind without fear of suspension. It’s also SEO optimized to reach deep into cyberspace. Accept my invitation to join FidoSysop Forum the MAGA social media alternative where you can freely speak your mind without censorship!

I'm an outspoken good ole southern boy. Fidonet computer bulletin board system operator, hobbyist webmaster, and MAGA blogger. Just hanging out in cyberspace keeping up with tech, 'blogging my opinion' without beating around the bush!

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J Harper
J Harper
August 12, 2019 5:10 PM

It’s obvious Fox New owners have gone over to “THE DARK SIDE” and any resemblance to the ROGER AILES
FOX is simply for ratings purposes and those who made Fox the Power House Leader in Cable
News are just collateral damage

August 12, 2019 6:02 PM
Reply to  J Harper

President Trump says he will not watch Fox News on Sundays, it’s that bad. He watches ANN that unfortunately we do not get. All i watch on Fox is Fox & Friends during the week. Hannity and Judge Jeanine Pirro who Fox Suspended for standing up to Ilhan Omar.

Fox can take Geraldo and Donna Braille and shove em where the sun don’t shine. WE MAGA People made Fox News into what it was, and with crap like this, word is spreading and viewers are abandoning Fox network in droves!

sheri davis
sheri davis
August 12, 2019 2:30 PM

My question to Geraldo and others that constantly complain about ICE, HSI doing their job is: HOW MANY IMMIGANT families have you or will you sponsor??? To sponsor an immigrant you must provide ALL their financial needs & they guarantee the immigrant WILL NOT apply for ANY government aid.

Geraldo until you step up & sponsor a family or two…..keep quiet!! I will not watch you on Fox anytime/anyday. You are a hypocrite.

August 12, 2019 4:06 PM
Reply to  sheri davis

Geraldo Rivera is another example of what’s wrong with Fox News these days. Hiring Donna Brazile was a dumb idea, and Rivera’s anti-immigration stance is another. Nothing but a paid shill for corporate America when their outed doing something illegal, such as hiring undocumented immigrants to perform slave labor. Rivera shame on you!

August 12, 2019 12:45 PM

Illegal is illegal, there is no statute of limitations. When you finally get caught prepare to pay the consequences. I do not feel sorry for you any more than i feel sorry for a bank robber, you are both criminals. If you don’t like getting separated from your children then don’t come her unless it is by legal means.

August 12, 2019 1:25 PM
Reply to  Randy

It’s all about the money. Just like Nancy Pelosi having undocumented worker’s picking grapes in her vineyard!