Beaten And Bloody Left Behind Enemy Lines With No Allies

First it was my FidoSysop Facebook page being shadowbanned, but Mark Zuckerberg was not done with me yet. He flagged this domain as “dangerous content” causing Bing to totally de-index I’m still in Google’s index but not sure for how long. 😥

It’s a butt hurt of epic proportion! To think that an old retired used car dealer got to the haters this bad makes me chuckle! Butt Hurt liberal haters blew their top!

I found out the hard way being a strong Donald J. Trump supporter, that i was on my own. When the crap hit the fan those I thought could help me, never answered my tweets or returned emails. I’m totally alone deep behind enemy lines with no friends or allies!

Here’s a narrated screen video FidoSysop produced outlining what triggered this massive Facebook butt hurt. It adds a whole new definition to the term getting Zucked! 😆

Ole FidoSysop served an absolute TON of Liberal Butt Hurt up on Facebook! Think about it, 3.2 MILLION post reach using screen-captures of Twitter tweets. He earned 1,857 new page likes between July and August 2019. And FidoSysop achieved this milestone without spending a dime on advertising. Gotta love it – MAGA KAG2020! 😉

facebook butt hurt
FidoSysop served up Millions of views and engagements taking snapshots of tweets that his Facebook followers loved.

Mark Zuckerberg IS BUTT HURT! A great achievement for a retired used car dealer! 😆

I'm an outspoken good ole southern boy. Fidonet computer bulletin board system operator, hobbyist webmaster, and MAGA blogger. Just hanging out in cyberspace keeping up with tech, 'blogging my opinion' without beating around the bush!

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