Trump Rally Instant Replay 09/09/19 Fayetteville NC

President Donald Trump held his latest High Energy Rally at the Crown Expo Center in Fayetteville, NC last night. Trump was in Fayetteville giving his support to Dan Bishop, a Republican running for the special North Carolina 9th District U.S. Congressional race. Though smaller than most of his rallies crowds cheered as he spoke about winning a 2nt term.

President Trump got applause for numerous topics, including when he said he would be president for another four years, saying he’ll protect the right to bear arms, but also when he praised fellow Republicans on stage. ”We are great Americans and the future belongs to us.” Trump said to cheers. “The future belongs to you.”

President Trump tied special elections in the 3rd and 9th districts Tuesday to Republicans’ effort to end Democrats’ majority in the House — where they are led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi — in 2020. “With your support, tomorrow we take the first steps to firing Speaker Pelosi and winning back the House,” Trump said. “Get out and vote for Dan Bishop and Greg Murphy tomorrow,” The president said.

It was a stormy day in Fayetteville, but regardless many Trump supporters stood outside in the rain at the Crown Expo Center. Earlier the president tweeted this photo of lightning striking behind Air Force One.

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Trump Rally Fayetteville NC Instant Replay
Crowds wait in line to enter the crown expo center in Fayetteville NC ahead of the nights rally

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