Greta Thunberg Person Of The Year Makes Time Magazine Cover

Greta Thunberg made Time Magazines person of the year. Seems to me the world has gone climate change bonkers. I’ve got nothing against taking care of our planet, Or Greta Thunberg, but this is taking it to extremes. Just another agenda the left is peddling!

greta thunberg time cover girl
Climate change on juvenile steroids as Time Magazine makes Greta Thunberg it’s person of the year

The Story Behind TIME’s 2019 Person of the Year Cover: After returning to Europe by sailboat, Greta Thunberg greeted the throngs of press and young climate activists who trail her everywhere. She rested for a day, then returned to the sea to be photographed for TIME’s Person of the Year cover. Read more on

And the liberals are both complimenting and bashing her on Twitter. @TimRunsHisMouth tweets, GretaThunberg skips school to travel the world on private yachts/planes to hang out with celebrities and lecture poor people on how they should live their lives. all with a PR team. If that’s not the definition of rich white privilege, I don’t know what is.

Joe Biden tweets, @GretaThunberg’s passion and courage have inspired millions and sparked a youth-led movement for change in every corner of the globe. This honor is well-deserved and serves as a reminder of the urgent, drastic action we must take to address the climate crisis.

BBC tweets, Climate activist Greta Thunberg named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year.

BUT who really cares since AOC says the world will end in 12 years!

Wouldn’t you rather watch a Trump Rally? More energy than the hot air liberals are spinning. I’d rather see Donald Trump on Time’s cover. Your thoughts? 😉

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