Trump Rally Des Moines IA 01/30/20 Instant HD Replay

President Trump held his second high energy rally this week in Des Moines Iowa last night. This rally was ahead of the Iowa caucuses next week, and our fearless leader was fired up. Crowds cheered as president Trump spoke about Impeachment Schiff Sham and shady Democrats.

President Trump took the stage at Drake University in Des Moines for his fourth rally of the year. Dems are wishing and hoping to unseat the president on Election Day. Some of whom have been crisscrossing the state for weeks trying to compete.

Nancy Pelosi was so angry yesterday she almost spit out her dentures uttering this statement. Lets face it, democrats are covering up mass Biden / Burisma corruption in Ukraine and China. They know it will be prison for all of them if Trump is not removed.

Dan Bongino summed up Adam Schiff in one tweet! 😆

It was a fantastic Trump Rally Des Moines as overflow crowds hung out outside the Knapp Center watching the rally on a megatron. No way any democrat can compete with Donald Trump. That’s why they are trying to impeach him. No way there gonna pull that off! 😡

trump rally des moines
A large overflow crowd at president Trump’s Des Moines rally watch the action on megatrons outside the Knapp Center

It’s imperative America votes Republican across the board. Democrats HATE America and the Schiff Sham is the perfect example of Democratic hatred for our fearless leader.

Voting Democrat for senile ole Bernie Sanders will get you this! 😡

Your comments are encouraged to support President Trump who loves America and all of us! While you’re here check out my large collection of Trump rally instant replays.

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