ObamaGate DOJ Officials Pen Letter Requesting AG William Barr Resign

ObamaGate Coup Cabal – Nearly 2000 former DOJ officials call for AG Barr to resign over General Michael Flynn case. In other words their nuts are in the noose and are worried about going to prison. And we can bet their former boss Barack Obama is really nervous right about now!

obamagate prison

The twitter-sphere is being spammed by DNC lobbyist media trying to drown out #ObamaGate which is heavily trending. Barack Obama said the “rule of law is at risk” in the US, after the justice department said it would drop its case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Yea but it’s HIS rule of law that’s in big trouble. We can bet the house Obama created and controlled this coup cabal. As his former employees roll over to spare their asses from jail Obummer is scared!

From Fox News: Hundreds of former Justice Department employees called on Attorney General Bill Barr to resign after his decision to move to drop the case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn. “I want to make sure that we restore confidence in the system. There’s only one standard of justice,” Barr told CBS News’ Catherine Herridge last week. “And, I believe that … justice, in this case, requires dismissing the charges against General Flynn.”

Oh yea ObamaGate is scared of the DOJ, William Barr, and John Durham, who is a vicious pit bull. Barr and Durham will be locking his co-conspirators up soon. We know how that game is played. They will be singing like canary’s on each other. We know who the King Cabal is!

obamagate cabal barack comey

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