Democrats Have No Viable Presidential Candidate

Democrats don’t have Anyone worth voting for in 2020. Despite the DNC working overtime to push brain dead Joe Biden toward their nominee, it’s a joke. Biden’s stumbling and gaffing is being hidden by the media. Socialist Bernie Sanders appears to be getting the DNC Donkey again! πŸ˜† Everything democratic voters are seeing via mainstream media is being manipulated.

Joe Biden loses his temper when a worker asks a question about his 2nd amendment stance!

Yes that’s a fact. Media is selling the Old Joe Biden from years ago, while hiding how he performs today. Biden is an embarrassment to the DNC but they despise Socialist Bernie Sanders, so they have no other choice but to push Joe Biden toward the finish-line.

Voters should know the truth about these democratic candidates who will lead America toward destruction. For starters. Medicare for ALL will have limits and many exclusions. Mr. Smith, you need an operation, but were sorry, it’s not covered under Medicare for All. Mrs. Abrams, you have already exceed your lifetime expectation under Medicare for All guidelines. Here’s a script for pain medication to keep you comfortable until you die.

democrats loser candidates
Senile Joe Biden is soaring in the polls and Socialist Bernie Sanders is getting the DNC Donkey once again. Image credit Politico.

Scary thought isn’t it? But after elimination of private health insurance Americans will be screwed. And that’s not counting all the Trillions it will cost which will bankrupt America in a few short years. And Bernie Sanders thinks he will tax the billionaires to pay for Medicare for all. Think again, those billionaires will take there money and move to another country. It’s total insanity even to imagine their plans will work. And don’t forget Bernie’s plans for Gulags and Concentration Camps to re-educate Republican’s and Trump supporters!

Democrats are the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late term abortions, socialism and blatant corruption. The Republican Party is the party of the American worker, the American family, the American dream and the late, great Abraham Lincoln.

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March 11, 2020 7:10 PM

After the next set of rigged primaries, Bernie will grudgingly bow out. Then a couple of weeks later, slow Joe will have a “health crisis” which will require him to leave the field. at this time, the DNC will revel it’s true desired candidate (probably the hildabeast, seeing as how she owns the DNC in total) if you don’t see this coming, you probably believe Jeffery e. realty did commit suicide

March 11, 2020 8:05 PM
Reply to  xtron

Crooked Hillary will pop out of Joe’s chest as a ALIEN and take over!?