Tucker Carlson Doxed By New York Times Dirtbag Murray Carpenter

Tucker let it be known last night on his show that he is being Doxed by the New York Times, Murray Carpenter. So we know why he was absent last week. I was wrong earlier when blogging an article suspecting left leaning Fox News for his absence. The NYT certainly qualifies for the “DIRTBAGS” title, made famous by George Peppard who played Hannibal Smith of the 70’s show The A Team.

Tucker: Last week, the New York Times began working on a story about where my family and I live.

This doxing by Murray Carpenter is further proof how desperate democrats are. They really have no viable 2020 presidential candidate. Joe Biden is not mentally capable of heading America. Biden will be a puppet controlled by other leftists like Castro loving Bernie Sanders.

Stop and think about all the anarchy that’s happening, mostly in Democrat governed states. It’s total insanity. It’s rotten to the core from the DNC chairman Tom Perez to the media hacks they control.

Bad actors are planning on taking over America. Dirtbags like NYT Murray Carpenter are banking on intimidation tactics to get the public to vote for Joe Biden, and other DNC sponsored losers!

Quid Pro Joe Caught Lyin’ Again: It’s time America learns the truth about the Biden crime family corruption!

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10 Thoughts to “Tucker Carlson Doxed By New York Times Dirtbag Murray Carpenter”

  1. George Red

    We need Murray Carpenter’s address!

  2. Gary Thompson

    Murray Carpenter you’re a piece of shit!

    1. DocCyber

      That’s putting it mildly!

  3. Jim, what law do you think is being broken?

  4. Dig up and publish every single thing the Republican Party and Fox, in defense of its employee, can find on Murray Carpenter and the NY Slimes editors who are permitting this guy to do this AGAIN. The Justice Department should get involved. Without any penalty or consequence for this and any foul play, it just continues.

  5. Jim Irwin

    Spreading any personal information on anyone without their permission is illegal.

  6. Maybe someone just needs to have a serious word with Murray Carpenter and sone Times editors? Stop whining and start playing the game.

    1. DocCyber

      It blows my mind that political power means this much to the #DNC who is showing the world how they will lead America if elected. So here it is 104 days until Donald Trump is re-elected and the Democrats lose the house and everything else important to them! ??

  7. Justin Tyme

    Bring the scum up on charges!

    1. DocCyber

      Don’t think doxing is illegal, but it’s certainly immoral. Dems are so desperate knowing Donald Trump will be re-elected by a historical landslide vote ?

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