Biden And Media Cohorts Lied Then Stole The Election

So here we are 11/06/2020 and it will take a miracle for Donald Trump to be reelected for another four years. I’ll probably never ever vote again! It’s a crying shame that America allowed mail in ballots under the guise of Covid19. Sadly big tech won by shadowbanning and de-indexing conservative and Trump supporters voices. They pulled our pants down and screwed us in the ass!

Democrats Big Tech Stole Election - image credit Ben Garrison cartoons.

Social media is being heavily censored, Facebook is using left leaning fact checkers to strike posters accounts. Twitter is not much better. Jack and Zuckerberg are the social media king’s of shadowbanning. I’ve been observing when sharing a link to Facebook, when a source page is scraped for it’s metadata and content, Facebook is determining if it will be shadowbanned or not. If it’s pro-Trump or Biden / Harris negative none of your friends or page followers will ever see it. They accept the source url but do not send notifications out to your friends or page followers.

With that being said – screw Facebook and Twatter. My one popular FidoSysop Facebook page now with multiple bullshit left leaning fact checker strikes has been shut down. The same goes with Twatter nobody ever sees anything i post there either. Jack stick it up your ass!

You can thank Barack Obama and his then lackey VP Joe Biden for allowing these big tech titans to amass such power over the people. So say goodby to our once First Amendment where Americans had the right to free speech. That first amendment right still is true so far, but NOT on Social Media!

I got up on the 3rd and drove 50 miles one way to vote after recently moving and was unable to update my voter registration in time. Froze my fricking ass off, my old car does not have heat. Wound up getting a cold for my efforts, but I voted the old fashioned way. My id and signature was scrutinized. How many millions of fraudulent main in ballots successfully voted for Joe Biden? I hope somehow justice is served because of this farce of an election perpetrated on America! ?

All the players are in this together. After deleting my Facebook, Messenger, and Twitter apps on my iPhone, Apple froze my Apple ID. Bunch of crap to get it unsuspended. Reenter my password twice, answer 3 security questions correctly i regained access to my Apple account.

Another interesting observation is how Facebook is hooked into other apps. I like and use the Line messenger frequently. It’s from Japan and is very popular in Asia. When i shared today’s blog post with Line Facebook came scraping the URL. It’s said Facebook took over for the NSA after Ed Snowden exposed their Prism program spying on Americans recording phone calls etc.

facebookexternalhit from sharing to line messenger

Meanwhile has been dissociated with Facebook. It’s Facebook domain verification has been removed from my DNS. Any links to Facebook and Twatter have been removed. I’ve managed to live a decent life, never arrested or any traffic or parking tickets, and I don’t need to associate myself with big-tech-tyranny! Get ready to be Screwed in the ASS by Joe Biden! ?

I'm an outspoken good ole southern boy. Fidonet computer bulletin board system operator, hobbyist webmaster, and MAGA blogger. Just hanging out in cyberspace keeping up with tech, 'blogging my opinion' without beating around the bush!

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November 7, 2020 4:52 AM

It’s a rigged election ?