Trump Supporters March In Washington D.C. Supporting Their President

A huge crowd of Trump Supporters marched in Washington D.C. supporting their president. At one point president Trump’s motorcade drove through the area with Donald Trump signaling a big thumbs up ? from the presidential limousine known as the beast, to cheers from supporters!

WATCH: Trump supporters rally in the streets of Washington, D.C. for ‘million MAGA march’

Meanwhile as the Trump Campaign is working toward getting a fair honest vote recount. It’s my personal opinion our fearless leader must be wore out. He has fought for America for nearly four years while being under constant attack from the democratic haters and their lobbyist media bed-fellows. Donald Trump deserves a break. Sidney Powell, Micheal Flynn’s attorney had this to say.

So as darkness fell on Washington D.C. anarchists clashed with march attendees. It’s always the radical left who is looting, rioting, and starting trouble.

donald j. trump tweet 11.14.20 antifa
President Donald J. Trump tweet hidden by Twatter

I’m not saying America is hopefully lost from this point on. But when you have all of big-tech, Facebook, Twitter, and the whole Democratic party against you, it’s like being up to your ass in alligators tough. Even the Associated Press (AP) decided to call the election winner as Joe Biden. It’s not the AP or other networks who chimed in, job to call the winner of this election. The left is working to undermine our elections integrity. God help America from this point on!

maga march washington dc

Guess we’ll have to sit back and watch what’s going on from this point on. As a Trump supporter I personally feel America had her pants pulled down and screwed in the ass by the DNC! ?

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