President Donald Trump Makes Christmas Eve Federal Holiday!

In an absolutely brilliant move – President Donald Trump signed an order giving federal workers a paid day off work on Christmas Eve. The Donald has been a big advocate of celebrating the holiday proudly and maintained that politically correct Democrats were waging a “war on Christmas.” ?

The NY Post Reports: At a Saturday rally in Georgia stumping for two Republican senators in runoff races, Trump warned that his political opponents still want to erase the holiday.

This is the best tribute to Melania Trump I’ve ever seen archived for preservation. Video credit afppac, audio credit Tom Jones, She’s a lady, written by Paul Anka. God bless America and president Donald J. Trump.

“Let me wish you all a very merry Christmas. Remember the word?” Trump told the crowd. “Remember? We started five years ago, and I said, ‘You’re gonna be saying ‘Christmas’ again.’ We say it proudly again. Although they’ll be trying to take that word again out of the vocabulary.”

When i heard about president Trump’s brilliant move making Christmas Eve a Federal Holiday, I felt compelled to write a quick blog about it. So in the spirit of Christmas, the good Internet doctor wishes all of America a very Merry Christmas season, and New Year in 2021! ?

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