Social Security Recipients Not Receiving Third Stimulus Payment

Many American’s on Social Security, and most SSI, SSDI, VA recipients, and Retired Railroad Workers will qualify to receive a stimulus check. But those people who desperately need this revenue they are entitled to have not received it yet. At first thought, politics came to mind, but but but. 🙄

social security stimulus

Update 03/30/21 According to Stimulus Check Update as IRS Stays Silent Over Payments For Social Security & SSI Recipients. 😥

Many retirees have been waiting since the 17’th of March for their third stimulus payment that has not come. The IRS stimulus lookup tool is saying payment will be made on 03/17/21 but their money has not been received. It’s interesting that this subject has not been mentioned on MSM TV that I’ve noticed. But a quick search for Social Security Stimulus returns a slew of articles! 😡

According to who published this article today, which answers many folks’ questions about where their stimulus payment is. If your third stimulus check is still a no-show, we understand if you’re starting to feel anxious about where your $1,400 payment is and when your check could be scheduled to arrive. There could be a holdup with delivery, or maybe the Treasury and IRS have yet to process and send it in the mail as a paper check or EIP card. And how will you get your payment if you receive Social Security benefits like SSI and SSDI? Try the IRS portal that can show if your check is processed and scheduled for delivery, as well as the payment form in which it will be sent. The tool is also helpful for flagging any issues you need to address with the IRS or your bank.

Considering Democrats mostly could care less about poor people it’s easy to point the finger at them. But in reality, it’s an issue with two federal agencies. Seems the IRS has requested the social security administration’s SSA payment details in order to send your payment. But as it’s usually going, inter-agency problems are creating more problems than doing needy Americans any good.

This third stimulus debacle adds a whole new definition to the old saying, the check is in the mail. This may be true since direct payments ended on March 24, 2021, according to this CBS article.

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