Was Covid-19 An America Funded Chinese Bioweapon

As another dump of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails is making the rounds, I’m wondering if Covid-19 was actually engineered to be a bioweapon. We know U.S. funding was funneled through a non-profit to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, AKA Chinese Academy of Sciences research institute. 😡

The Ingraham Angle host Laura Ingraham, discusses what we’ve learned about covid-19 and how our country really works.

Thinking back to around 2018, America’s economy was roaring like a lion. Donald Trump had kept his word and was indeed making America Great Again. Lower corporate taxes enticed companies that abandoned America to move back. America was open for business and life was good! 😉

However, China was hurting as its economy was taking a hit because of Donald Trump’s America. We all know how the Democrats launched the Russia Hoax to spy on the Trump campaign and later the Trump presidency. Democrats tried every dirty underhanded trick in the book to derail the Trump presidency but failed. They needed to prevent Trump from being re-elected for a second term!

It’s my opinion that Democrats worked out a deal with China and their America-funded research institute on virology administered by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). It’s possible Covid-19 was purposely released to give Democrats, aided by Weasel Anthony Fauci a bioweapon to kill America’s roaring Trump economy. Dr. Anthony Fauci LIED as the World Died! 😥

I’ve always been a suspicious person when it comes to stuff like this. When Donald Trump first announced his presidency I liked him and started learning all I could about him. I studied our government and was horrified at how dishonest the Democrats were. And thinking back when the coronavirus pandemic hit, it became very clear that this was a targeted narrative. Big-tech was silencing anyone that disagreed with the government’s Covid-19 AKA CoronaVirus policies.

covid-19 biowaeapon

Posts were deleted on Facebook and Twitter that challenged the government’s official covid policies. Google’s YouTube was rapidly deleting any video that dared to even discuss the Covid-19 pandemic. One video that went viral and was deleted by YouTube and Vimeo was the Plandemic preview, starring Dr. Judy Mickovich. It was becoming very clear who the Internet Gatekeepers were. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Twitter, who govern what we access online!

I had produced a tech help video that targeted the folks at Parler social media platform. I’d mentioned a little about the pandemic in that video and uploaded it to my Vimeo pro account. That account had about 200 narrated screen videos from an earlier project. About an hour after that Parler video was uploaded, wham, Vimeo deleted my whole account!

Dinesh D’Souza is spot on, and has this to say. He outs names of who was involved in the great Covid-19 scam!

So in my humble personal opinion, this whole Covid-19 situation is a Plandemic not a Pandemic as big-tech want’s us to believe. The dirty rat whose fading intense heat right now, Dr. Anthony Fauci AKA the Patron Saint of Wuhan, should be fully investigated and appropriate criminal charges filed. But with a Democrat President, House, and Congress, I do not have faith in my government enforcing the law. They’re as guilty as the not-so-good Dr. Anthony Fauci! 😡

Article sources: Getty Images, Dinesh D’Souza, Fox News Laura Ingraham, Wikipedia. All rights reserved.

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