Joe Biden’s G7 ‘America Last Show’ Awards Vladimir Putin The Prize!

Brain Dead Joe Biden at the G7 summit made an absolute fool out of himself. We expected his usual speech stumbles and gaffs. But we didn’t expect ole slow Joe to get snotty with a CNN reporter. But in the end, after making a laughing stock out of himself to the whole wide world. Biden gave America away to Vladimir Putin, and got absolutely, ‘ZERO’ Back. What a Putz!! 🙄

biden putin meeting at g7

From The Federalist: President Joe Biden bumbled through his first G7 Summit this weekend, leaving a long trail of gaffes in his wake as leaders from the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan, India, South Korea, and South Africa looked on.

Former President Donald Trump joined ‘Hannity’ to discuss topics ranging from Biden’s performance, the media and COVID origins.

First Lady Jill Biden previously claimed the gaffe-prone Democrat president was “well prepared” for the foreign policy meetings and his rendezvous with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Her confidence in Biden’s “weeks” of studying wavered, however, as she was forced to retrieve her husband when he appeared to wander off during the summit.

During his press conference on Sunday, Biden struggled in his speech and repeatedly confused Syria with Libya.

The media was obviously putting on a green screen show using digital backdrops (backgrounds) in many video scenes, such as below. If you’ve never heard the term green-screen, here’s an article I blogged explaining how green-screen technology works. And a tutorial on how to make your own.

g7 green screen moments

In my personal opinion, the other world leaders at G7 must be laughing their butt off, at America and President Joe Biden. They’re also laughing at US American citizens for electing this brain-dead moron to lead our country. He LIED HIS ASS OFF when campaigning promising to bring us all together. Promising he was for ALL Americans, yadda yadda yadda. Nothing but lies! 😡

So where do we go from here, as a country? Will Nasty Nancy Pelosi invoke the 26’th amendment declaring ole slow Joe incompetent? If I’m correct that would put Kamala Harris in the big chair. Though more competent than Joe, she would further wreck our country, in my personal opinion.

CNN Reporter Says Biden Can’t Answer Questions Without Aides ‘Screaming at Him to Stop’

And will Joe Biden’s media darlings turn on him? After he told off a CNN reporter, will CNN start telling their viewers the truth? I guess that’s asking quite a bit, but ABC, CNN, MSDNC, NBC, etc, will have a hard time covering up his many G7 stumbles, gaffs, and bumbles! 😆

Article Sources: Fox News Hannity, The Federalist, Twitter, and Woi News. All rights reserved.

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June 18, 2021 7:48 PM

Biden cheated and lied. Donald Trump won this election. Kick Biden out and let Donald Trump reverse the horrible policies the Democrats put in place. And finish building the wall!