WWE Network Subscription Glitch Loosing Money & Members

Are you are a Current WWE Network Subscriber whose subscription is about to end? WWE Network’s current system forces you to actually loose your service first, before creating another to replace the expiring!

Wonder who thought this up? They actually are forcing their members to loose service. Sound’s idiotic to me but a customer service agent confirmed this to be true.

wwe network subscription canceled
wwe network subscription canceled notification click to reactivate subscription that does not work. Your service must end then be reactivated with a new sub

This morning i received an email that my current subscription is expiring tomorrow. There was a link to sign into my account. Doing so brought me to a mostly blank screen that had a single link to manage my subscription. But clicking on that link took mo another mostly blank screen that said click here to continue my subscription. Clicking that just took me back to the 1st page i saw when logging in.

After navigating around in my account for about 10 minutes and going nowhere, i decided to call support. The 1st agent i spoke with sounded like he didn’t understand what the problem was. I said that all i want to do is continue giving Vince “only 9.99 month” as i have been doing for a year. He put me on hold for a few minutes than came back and said my current six month subscription must expire first before allowing another to be created.

I’m saying to myself WTH? not exactly in those words 🙄 Vince McMahon didn’t think this far in advance? I have subscribed to two 6 months subscriptions, and the second is expiring tomorrow. I would think i should be able to login to my WWE Network account and renew or create a new subscription to take effect when the other expires. NOPE that’s not how WWE built their billing system.

So i then go to wwe.com and click the subscribe to wwe network button. I’m presented with a screen to address etc and clicked continue. A big RED Error page came up saying i had already purchased a similar subscription.

Another call to WWE Network Support confirmed there was no way to create a subscription to replace the one that expires tomorrow. This must be one of the dumbest moves WWE has made. It’s internet business 101 that you don’t let your customers accounts become inactive. Was this Vince McMahon’s blunder?

I’m definitely not a fan of the wwe abuse of power and bullying. But the network is well worth the “Only $9.99 Month” cost. Just wished it was easy to subscribe to a new month to month contract without having my services expire first.

Hey it’s only money 🙄 if i had Vince’s money I’d throw mine in the trash.. 😆

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Carolyn Bush
Carolyn Bush
July 24, 2016 8:44 PM

I am so sick of this WWE stuff I had the same exact things happen to me every single thing he said happened to him happened exactly the same way to me and it’s really stupid why can you not make this more simple to renew your subscription and when you go in and have a subscription and then it won’t let you login it says you need a subscription there’s too many glitches in that program it needs to be fix

Anne maxwell
Anne maxwell
March 12, 2016 9:47 AM

The 9.99 a month was taken out of my bank account on the 4th of this month, and when I try to log in I keep getting told that I have to be a subscriber to the network, I’ve had this account for over a year