Rioters Burn Down Atlanta Wendy’s Of Rayshard Brooks Shooting

Here we go again, another police shooting of a black man stokes the fire. Rayshard Brooks was passed out in his car while sitting in Wendy’s drive-through lane. Someone called police who attempted to arrest Brooks but he resisted. After rolling on the ground with two Atlanta cops Brooks broke free and grabs an officers taser and ran. Brooks turns and fires the taser at Rolfe and misses, then turns and is running away. Rolfe then fires his pistol at Brooks in the back killing him.

Meanwhile as it often ends up the police chief resigns. Fox News reports: Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced on Saturday that the city’s police chief had submitted her resignation just hours after the fatal shooting of a black man who struggled with police during a sobriety test. Bottoms said it was Police Chief Erika Shields’ own decision to resign from the role, which she took in 2016. According to Bottoms, she will remain with the city in an undetermined position.

From what the NYT reports, Brooks failed a field sobriety test and was put under arrest. From that point the situation quickly escalated into chaos. Brooks was obviously under the influence of something, being passed out in his car. It’s sad this happened but I doubt it’s a race issue.

Rayshard Brooks sobriety test

The security camera footage filmed at Wendy’s shows Officer Rolfe chasing Mr. Brooks. In seconds, Officer Rolfe passes his Taser from his right hand to his left hand, and reaches for his handgun.

While being chased, and in full stride, Mr. Brooks looks behind him, points the Taser he is holding in Officer Rolfe’s direction and fires it. The flash of the Taser suggests that Mr. Brooks did not fire it with any real accuracy.

officer rolfe shoots rayshard brooks in his back

Officer Rolfe discards the Taser he is carrying, draws his handgun and fires it three times as he is running away. Rayshard Brooks falls to the ground. Warning: this footage is disturbing.

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