President Obama’s Last State Of The Union Address Video

Here is President Obama’s last state of the union address video in full. We also have a link to the full text transcript courtesy of

President Obama’s Last State Of The Union AddressI gotta hand it to president Obama – that man can talk. I like to call it spinning.

Obama has a way with words and twice poked Donald Trump with a stick while never mentioning his name. 😆

But not everyone was pleased with Obama’s speech. Counterterrorism expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka blasted President Obama for last night appearing to downplay the threat of ISIS, saying that the president “is living in a fantasyland” while jihadist activity in America soars.

Obama in yesterday’s State of the Union address said that ISIS does not threaten our national existence. “No ‘existential threat’? Really?” said Gorka. “Ask the 6 million people who now live on ISIS territory. Ask the people who’ve been decapitated, crucified, or burnt alive. Ask the people who went to that Christmas party in San Bernardino.”

President Obama’s final State of the Union address was more like “a state of denial,” Ted Cruz said on “The Kelly File” tonight.

The Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz Bashes Obama’s State of the Union Address” target=”_blank”>told Megyn Kelly that he’s not surprised that the president didn’t mention the ten U.S. sailors held by Iran during his speech. He said the fact that Iran felt comfortable seizing U.S. sailors and ships goes to show the “incredible weakness” of Obama’s foreign policy.

A mother whose police officer son was killed by a drunk-driving illegal immigrant is disappointed President Obama didn’t address illegal immigration head-on during his State of the Union. Obama only said in last night’s address that he would continue trying to fix the nation’s “broken immigration system.”

Mary Ann Mendoza said on Fox and Friends that she was hoping for some kind of acknowledgment from the president that there’s a “big problem” with the nation’s border with Mexico. “Our politicians can’t even take a stance and say the word ‘illegal immigrant,’ much less enforce our borders,” Mendoza said.

Here is the full state of the union video courtesy of The first presidential debate of 2016 full transcript is here courtesy of

Nothing like watching “Story Time” with Barrack Obama.. 😆

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