Justice Judge Jeanine Pirro Roasts Dems In Scathing Opening Statement

Fox News, Justice Show host, Judge Jeanine Pirro literally roasted comrade Joe Biden and his fellow Donald Trump haters in last nights (08/22/20) scathing opening statement!

Judge Jeanine: The American people see through Democrats’ lies. Commentary: Judge Jeanine keep telling them the truth, that the Democrats will turn this country into a Socialist Republic like their close allies China, and let China in. If demorats escape criminal charges it will be a bigger disappointment. They cant stand it that Trump loves this country and the American people.

Judge Jeanine Pirro is one of many red blooded Americans who has stood true to her beliefs. She proudly defends president Donald Trump while not holding back or applying any sugarcoating. ?

Week after week at 9:00 PM Eastern time she exposes the stench coming from the DNC and their corrupt politicians. If you are not presently a Justice show viewer tune in, or set your video recorder.

America is at war with DNC lobbyist media pushing hatred. RawStory published this garbage 10 hours ago, bashing the judge’s opening statement. “Jeanine Pirro ripped for Fox News rant: ‘Judge Juice Box is serving the hypocrisy straight from the bottle.”

Pirro has had health issues in the past. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. In this video she talks about molybendium99 and blasts Crooked Hillary selling America’s Uranium to Russia!

The Uranium One controversy is personal • 11/04/17. We don’t need Russia, Iran or anyone else in control of our medical testing.

Corrupt secretary of state player Hillary Clinton funneled money through her and hubby Bill’s foundation. A state run Laundromat rinsing untold amounts of dirty money! Where’s Hunter? ?

Clinton foundation uranium one

Fox News SUSPENDED Justice host Judge Jeanine Pirro for her opening statement about Ilhan Omar, saying Sharia Law is incompatible with the United States Constitution, among other TRUTHFUL statements. This is a huge load of liberal butt hurt! Fox caved to liberal haters who demanded her show be cancelled. The unfair Justice suspension is for two shows.

There are two other Fox News personalities I recommend to follow. One is Tucker Carlson who has the guts to take on corruption and dirty democrats head on, despite personal hardships his true American beliefs has cost him.

The other Fox News personality I follow is, Sean Hannity of the Hannity Show. Sean also exposes the corruption and lies coming from the left without holding back. His motto is “everyone is presumed innocent, until proven guilty,” Truth spoken here!

Tune in M-F to Tucker Carlson at 8:00 PM and Sean Hannity at 9:00 Eastern time. If you can’t watch live set your video recorder and watch later.

This upcoming election is the most important election in our lifetimes, and probably the most important election in American history. Democrats drove home their message which was “Get Rid Of Donald Trump!” Not once did democrats mention the riots and anarchy they started. Their message was playing the blame game pointing their hostilities at President Trump!

judge jeanine opening statement 08.22.20

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