President Trump Says Do Not Let CoronaVirus Dominate Your Life!

Donald Trump is BACK in the White House after receiving treatment for the coronavirus at Walter Reed medical center. Our fearless leader never stopped working for America even though he was diagnosed with the coronavirus. He has our backsides covered and we’re covering his! ?

President Trump shared this coronavirus message with everyone. In this playlist of his most important updates from Walter Reed and back at the White House. He encourages us not to let the corona virus (Covid19) dominate our lives, and encourages us not to be scared of it. ?

Playlist of president Donald Trump coronavirus updates

As America celebrates Donald Trump’s rapid healing from Covid19, the hate media is going berserk. With 27 days to election day the usual haters (CNN NBC MSNBC) are totally losing it spewing their anti Trump hatred for all of America to see. It’s actually comical to see TDS Syndrome on display!

Driving to a doctors appointment yesterday I came upon this little Toyota Prius displaying a lonely looking Biden 2020 sticker. I swear, it’s the 1st Biden campaign sicker I’ve seen yet. There are Trump stickers, banners and flags everywhere. Ole slow Joe Biden, as Trump calls him, is rating a one in street popularity.

Joe Biden loses in street popularity
I came upon this little Toyota Prius displaying a lonely looking Biden 2020 sticker in a sea of Trump flags banners and stickers!

The Biden / Harris campaign is going down by the head, as a heavy sea of Trump supporters rule the street, as this Floridian’s trailer flag “Trump 2020 f*** your feelings” proudly displays! ?

Trump 2020 screw your feelings campaign flag in Florida
Support for Donald Trump is everywhere in America as this large flag proves

As President Trump says, this is the most important election in our lifetimes. It’s not about Republicans vs Democrats, It’s all about Good vs Evil. It’s absolutely imperative EVERYONE votes Republican FULL Ballot. Get out and vote in person. There’s a chance many Republican mail in ballots will be discarded by postal workers possibly on the DNC’s payroll.

Trump covid19 update
Donald Trump back in the white house after recovering from coronavirus says don’t be afraid

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