LG Air Conditioner LW2514ER Obsolete In Only 4 Years

LG LW2514ER Air Conditoner Review
Needed part not available. Unit only 4 years old

LG Room Air Conditioner Personal Review. We bought this room air conditioner in 2014 after our old unit (made in 2006) finally gave up and died.

Initially and up until yesterday it was great. Cooling was excellent and it consumed way less power than our old antiquated Frigidaire unit.

Earlier in the week we noticed that when the unit shut itself off – it’s compressor continued to run. It has a digital control unit that apparently has went bad. So I’m thinking no big deal – i can fix that myself.

Update 04/21/20: Since publishing this article in 2016 I’ve been using the plug mounted circuit breaker turning this LW2514ER on and off. Yesterday it died altogether. The compressor will not start. I can hear a hum then a click that repeats every few seconds. Obviously compressor overload safety switch cutting out after it didn’t start. Looks like it’s air conditioner shopping time. Our old Frigidaire was 25 years old – they built appliances to last back then!

After contacting LG support the rep emailed me a link to their factory service manual. And yes indeed it does have what’s called a pcb relay board. Googling the model number with “compressor not turn off” brought up an appliance forum link where this situation was being discussed. That company sold the part it needed, but clicking their link – it displayed not available. So i grabbed the part number and googled it up with many results. Unfortunately every supplier said it is no longer available.

LG LW2514ER Relay Board EBR39283901
Needed LG part for 4 year old room air conditioner no longer available from manufacturer or suppler

We decided to call LG service for an estimate, and was told the charge to come out was $114 plus parts and labor. Of course i asked if they had the part we needed, and was told, they have no idea. It’s up to the service technician to diagnose the problem and give us an estimate.

Parts for used cars are readily available – but from what i have found out – not for LG products. This is designed and manufactured obsolescence.

It was manufactured in 2012 but we bought it new at Lowes in 2014. So we have gotten two years use of this now “self labeled POS LW2514ER” LG room air conditioner that cost around $500.

This is “Planned Obsolescence” by air conditioner / appliance manufacturer LG. Our LW2514ER is obsolete because LG no longer makes parts for it. That really sucks because this is a common problem with this unit, and should be nowhere near the end of its useful life cycle. Class action lawsuit anyone?

My review was submitted to the products page with email address verified. But it was not posted to the LG website. I gave it a 2 star review based on it’s obvious planned obsolescence. Only one 2 star review on the product page.. LOL!

LG Electronics Product Review Confirmed But Not Posted
Bad business. LG Electronics negative review not posted. Cant count on reviews making buying decision

We bought this AC unit in late 2014 at Lowe’s. It has worked great until last week. When the unit switches off the compressor continues to run. Googling we found it’s is a common problem as there is a relay control circuit board that goes bad.

Unfortunately this unit made in 2012 is now obsolete as the part needed to repair it is no longer available. This is how LG electronics is forcing consumers to by new products. They know how long the unit will last.

We have to use it’s circuit breaker built into the power plug to turn it on and off. Get up and push the button to turn it on. When our room gets too cold get up again and push the other button to turn it off. Repeat as often as necessary.

We’ve learned our lesson – Never Ever LG Again! 😡

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April 20, 2020 2:58 PM

I have a GE window air conditioner unit that is 9 months old with a similar issue. I think the control board went bad. The motor and compressor seem to start up just fine, but then all the lights on the front panel start blinking, the unit starts making an electronic beeping noise, and it shuts down after less than a minute of run time. I called GE and without even asking me what the problem was, they said they’ll reimburse me if I go to any store and buy a new GE unit. The rep said that “it’s not… Read more »

April 20, 2020 4:36 PM
Reply to  Austin

It just died. Compressor not coming on. Can’t afford to replace it and summers coming!

Jerry Durden
Jerry Durden
February 12, 2020 5:14 PM

Same problem…going to have a look at the board and see if anything is obviously wrong—like a bulging or blow capacitor.

February 12, 2020 5:19 PM
Reply to  Jerry Durden

Think the compressor relay is unable to handle the current. My guess is the points are getting welded together. Should be able to wire in an external relay more suitable for the load.

September 16, 2018 4:24 PM

Same problem!!!

September 16, 2018 6:39 PM
Reply to  Art

Yep.. Korean POS!

August 25, 2017 2:49 PM


August 25, 2017 3:31 PM

Obsolete by design. I’ll never buy an LG product again!