Tony Bobulinski Outs Joe / Hunter Biden China Corruption

So it appears that Hunter Biden was running a money laundering cartel cutting dad In on the proceeds. This is the same pay-for-pay scheme that Hillary Clinton ran with that private email server. Huma Abden was the contact person who set Hillary’s pay-to-play scheme together. And where did Barack Obama get the money to buy FOUR Mansions? Something’s phishey here!

Tony Bobulinski joins Tucker Carlson to discuss his alleged dealings with Hunter and Joe Biden.

Fox News Reports, Tony Bobulinski, You may have heard that name. He is a former business partner of Hunter Biden. Both text messages and Bobulinski’s personal testimony indicate he met personally with Joe Biden to discuss a lucrative business deal in China. That’s a big story. The Biden campaign is not denying that meeting took place, by the way. They’re just not talking about it and are trying to dismiss the whole thing as Russian propaganda. Tony Bobulinski is not going on any of the the other networks because they’ve decided to bury the story. They want you think it’s a Russian smear. Those people are liars and they know what they’re saying is a lie.

Tony Bobulinski Full Interview Video can be found here on FidoSysop Videos! ?

But at its core, this story is not about Hunter Biden. It’s about his father, the man who made Hunter Biden’s decades-long lobbying career possible. Joe Biden also made an almost-50 year lobbying career possible for his brother, Jim.

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