Uber App Asks For SS and DL Photo When Requesting Ride

Yesterday Uber asked for my social security number and drivers licence copy when requesting a ride using Uber’s android app.

My Uber Rider Experience
My Uber Rider Experience

After putting in my destination and seeing the driver in route i was asked for personally identifiable information.

No kidding. As i watched the driver nearing my location with an eta of 3 minutes the app popped up a screen saying something along the line of “to keep Uber safe we require a background check. Please provide your social security number. I’m puzzled as i’m not a frequent Uber rider (used 4 times in a year to get to my mechanics and pick up my car) but i did as the app requested.

Next the Uber app requested a copy of my drivers license. I’m thinking why does Uber need my drivers license? But pulled it out of my wallet and the app took a photo. Then it wanted a copy of my insurance card. That was enough, i exited the app. Went outside and the driver was coming up the road and soon picked me up. I told the driver what i experienced and he said he never heard that before.

Getting back home i fired off a question to Uber support. That was a chore within itself. First response asked me to explain what the problem was. I’m thinking WTF? I had typed what happened out when submitting the contact form, and could see my text below the reps response. Replied did you read what i sent? Response back was a form letter that had nothing to do with the problem i experienced. I’m getting really frustrated and replied i was going to blast Uber all over social media.

Well a few hours go by and i got a response by someone with a brain. As it turns out – over a year ago i was considering driving for Uber and after not being able to find information on driver qualifications i started an application. With no driving violations in over 30 years and a clean background i thought Uber would be a good source of additional income. Unfortunately my car is an 1988 model and did not qualify. So much for that idea.

What happened was Uber programmed their rider app to force completion of a year old not completed drivers application. Response from support.

Hi Ed,

Thank you for following up with me. I’m sorry to hear that. I definitely understand your concern regarding this matter. Rest assured that any information that is provided to us is secure.

I see that you are using the same email for your rider account that was used to create your partner account. It seems like you are receiving prompts to complete your partner app and since a mutual email address was used for both accounts you may be receiving these prompts in your rider app as well.

In efforts to eliminate the issue that you are having I have suspended the partner account. If you decide that you do want to partner with Uber then we will more than happy to reactivate it at that time. Also, if you still have the partner app installed on your cellphone please delete the app.

If you continue to receive these prompts after you have deleted the partner app, if applicable, please send us screenshots of the prompts so that we can look further into it.

I hope that information helps.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us.


But i have to admit regardless of this experience, Uber is a great service. I have used the service 4 times now and every driver was polite and the vehicle was clean and recently new. Here is a link for a free ride if you want to try it out. 🙂


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10 Thoughts to “Uber App Asks For SS and DL Photo When Requesting Ride”

  1. Kris

    Did anyone ever find out if you can give an EIN number instead of a social security number?

  2. Anonymous

    OK Y’all. I get not wanting to share your SSN, that’s why I found this site. But everyone of your employers have your SSN. That’s how they report your income and pay your taxes. If Uber is giving you money they’re gonna need that. In addition, I rent out condos. Every time, I get the renters SSN so I can run a background check. I don’t know about you but if I’m driving someone or someone is driving me I’d like to know that they aren’t a registered sex offender, criminal or have a record for violence. I’ll bet Uber could get their butt’s sued if you got hurt and they hadn’t run a simple check on their driver. Seems logical.

  3. Derik

    Any time anyone asks you for your SSN and other personal information, unless they are a government agency, DENY IT! UBER does not and should not need to know your personal information. I am an agent with the government and UBER is breaking laws here and putting your information at risk. DO NOT EVER PROVIDE YOUR SSN OVER THE INTERNET!!!!

  4. Traci Andrews

    Used them as ride and it asked for 6 numbers of my SSN. I stupidly gave it and credit card #,. Then found out about 60 Uber rides got charged toy credit card!! WTF. And they have last 6 digits of SSN. No other charges, many many Uber ones. How the f did that happen, what if I have my identity stolen now? Advice?

  5. Roderick Guimban

    what is meant by SSN?

    1. DocCyber

      Social Security Number

  6. Jorge


    Can i give them my EIN instead?

    1. DocCyber

      I dunno, ask them.. 🙂

  7. Jeff

    I’m interested in becoming a driver , but questioning the part where u need to give out ssn , I would like to know the reason and safety of giving out that information, thank you

  8. Mark

    Same thing happened to me yesterday and I’m very concerned

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