Good Buying Experience Not For Returns

Rock Auto Personal Review. All The Parts Your Car Will Ever Need. Great buying experience, easy system to locate and purchase auto parts. However the system is challenging for returns.

RockAuto ReviewI have an older Chrysler car – not yet an antique but for sure a collectible. It’s old enough that finding some replacement parts can be challenging. Last summer i stumbled upon and since then have ordered many parts. The price can’t be beat and up until last week i had nothing but praise for the business.

An Air Conditioning low side pressure cut out switch i had purchased from had developed a refrigerant leak.  It was still under warranty, so i started a return / replacement.

The system is not return friendly and seems like just about every link clicked on opened a new browser tab. Had to look up the item number, copy paste in the return authorization page. Jump through hoop after hoop until finally i was presented with the RMA and shipping label to return the part. Mailed the item off via the postal service and waited.

About 2 weeks later i received a big box from I’m puzzled, what is this. Opening the box i see a refrigerant hose for what looked like a Ford. I snapped two photos of the box and contents and sent an email to support with explication of what was wrong with the order. Got a reply back later that day saying to use the return process on their website. Wrong Part Received
Wrong classic car part purchased from customer service debacle nightmare

Locating the order was easy enough, but there was no place on the page to initiate another return, or to contact support advising of their error sending the wrong part. I gave up, emailed support back explaining the problem with initiating the return process. At that time i went on’s review site and left a truthful 2 star review explaining the frustrating error and difficult return process. Review Removal Request
Review removal request from initiated by

The review i left was never published by, i looked for it for several days and never found my review. Now here is the pisser, yesterday i received an email from with a return shipping label.

Today i receive an email from saying RockAuto is requesting the review i left be removed since a resolution was reached. First off i was requested to take the wrong part to FedEx to ship it back to them. They are holding my needed part hostage until the wrong part is returned, then they will send out the correct part. is allegedly running a padded review system. It’s my opinion if a customer leaves a low star negative review, customer lobby holds that review and sends notification to their client. Makes sense since i was unable to find the two star review left for rock auto. Also from what i can see, customer lobby does not offer the ability to sort by the number of stars given a business.

From what i have Googled up there are quite a few unhappy rock auto car parts buyers. Most rock auto negative reviews have to do with wrong part and returns. Examples are here here and here. I’m not planning on purchasing from rock auto again, but if i do, it will be knowing if it’s wrong or defective I’m stuck with it. Can you imaging being out of the USA and having a long distance debacle like this?

If i were rockauto’s cs manager, I would have send out the correct part via next day air with an apology, and include a return label for the wrong part. I have no problem driving it to our local FedEx location about 7 miles away. That’s what I would have done under the circumstances. This is not good business!

Just my two cents worth as usual 🙂

I'm a retired auto dealer and ASE cert technician. Former Fidonet BBS system operator (sysop) turned Internet hobbyist webmaster. I blog about politics and other topics without any sugarcoating, beating around the bush, or holding back!

22 Thoughts to “ Good Buying Experience Not For Returns”

  1. Ed Koon

    My latest Rock Auto order. No worries the right part at a great price!

  2. Disappointed

    I ordered shocks for my bronco they did not fit so I sent them back never installed, tried to call customer service but they suck was told to go online to check on the status of my order. I paid for my order right then but trying to get my money back is getting hard. I had to get new ones here where I live and they cost way more than I paid for with them but if they don’t fit I can bring them back and get my money back now. Having a company that you cannot talk to about your problems really sucks. I need my money back. I will never order from them again.

  3. My latest Rock Auto order. The Correct NOS part and shipped fast.

  4. Warren Wright

    So many negative remarks. Now I wonder just why I have ordered parts before. HO YES I HAVE A COMPLAINT ALSO. I had ordered a air filter and it arrived like the other parts I had ordered before. A weak or two later I received another air filer just lime the first one, I contacted Rock Auto by email and ordered a return label. They put my money back into my bank account like I asked and things were good with my new air filter in my car. Around a month passed and I be darn a 3rd air filter arrived without me ordering one. NOW I AM RELLY TICKED OFF. I again sent them a email informing them of the stupid mistake THEY HAD MADE AGAIN. Now come on is this anyway to do business. Then boast about what a great company they are and all these problems keep happening. Who ever runs the ordering department need’s to be taken out behind the WOOD SHED. What a mess in Kansas, where is Billy The Kid when you need him ?

    1. It should be noted that since i wrote this review I’ve sourced many parts on rock auto without a problem. But as the old saying goes – shit happens. Also i found sourcing parts like oil, filters, spark plugs, etc, locally is best whenever possible.

      Rock Auto is in my humble opinion a great source for older and classic cars. My car is 29 years old and rock auto is an excellent source for new old stock (NOS) for old and classic cars. If your looking for late model car parts and searching for the lowest price, beware of cheap China garbage. As a general rule you get what you pay for.

  5. Screw RockAuto

    Boycott RockAuto and any company that doesn’t allow you to speak to someone in regards to customer service!!!

  6. Harry Edmunds

    Correction to my previous comment: The lamps were purchased in December 2016 and installed in January 2017 and were still under Dorman’s warranty.

  7. Harry Edmunds

    My wife drives a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder. In Dec. 2015 I ordered two Dorman Fog/Driving lamps for the pathfinder from RockAuto. The lamps were installed in Jan. 2016 by our independent mechanic and fit perfectly. In mid-2016, the lamps showed evidence of condensation inside of the lamp housings. When I contacted RockAuto by phone, I found the person who answered to be very rude and she hung up on me when I asked her how to get replacement lamps. I called again and was told that all returns had to be done on line. That was not a simple process. I contacted their CS on line and was aided in processing a return. The lamps were still under warranty by Dorman but I had to purchase new lamps and return the defective ones. I was able to print a return shipping label on line but had to pay $6.01 to return the defective parts to their CA warehouse. To their credit however, they did credit my card within three days after receiving the defective lamps. A difficult experience, but one that I have experienced before when dealing with other on line retailers. The new lamps were installed in Dec. 2017 and seem to be working fine. I’m not sure at this time if I’ll order any more parts from RockAuto.

  8. DocCyber

    Since publishing this review I’ve purchased a lot of parts from Rock Auto without a hitch or glitch. Don’t know if they have improved their return process, only made this single return.

    I believe lots of reviewers complaints mentioned depend on what vehicle you’re buying parts for. Classic and Vintage automobile parts are usually new old stock (NOS) where late model vehicle parts may be imported from Asia or elsewhere.

  9. Oswald Jayatunge

    It’s being a terrible experience with the purchase of Monroe Struts from RockAuto. First there were wrong miss-matching parts in the boxes. Once informed, they quickly sent the correct parts. Then, the left side Strut assembly that came with the original Order was a defective and RockAuto has graciously sent a refund/replacement. Again, shortly after installing the replacement part, I found out that the Strut mount that came with the assembly is defective. It started giving a noise every time the wheel is turned either way.

    I took the car to the mechanic and confirmed it was the bad strut mount. This time I did not want to go through the return because all these times, I only lost money for the install/reinstall, inspections by mechanics, expensive shipping of these defective parts back to them.

    But, the important discovery is this: the strut mount that came with the original assembly is not an actual Monroe part, according to the auto shop, who all the time deals with Monroe parts. They said it is definitely not a genuine Monroe part. I purchased a real Monroe part from a local Monroe dealer, and when it is compared to the part that pulled out from the strut assembly, it was different.

    I am really, really pissed-off with this transaction and feels like I was cheated with fake parts. Now, I guess the other parts also I purchased from RockAuto thinking that they are genuine, can be also counterfeit.

    One thing, though… you can’t beat their prices, and the shipping is incredibly fast. I live in Canada and almost every order delivered to the doorstep within few days. But, I do not think, I will be using them again.



    1. DocCyber

      I’d never buy an air compressor, if rebuilt online. New oem is another story, but today’s compressors are garbage when new. It’s also imperative to complely flush the system and add the proper type and quantity of compressor oil.

  11. Patsy L Watson

    tried to get a return for a window motor that was purchased last October 2016, supposed to have a lifetime warranty. went on line to do the return only when i entered the part no. it said no longer covered, how so??? made an effort to call customer service waste of time, so i guess i am out 70 bucks!! no more deals with RA for me Disappointed in WV take your business where you are appreciated

  12. Michael company is fraud. Sent me the wrong parts and claim I have to pay restocking and reshipping and still they tell me they won’t give me any refund.

    Complete fraud! Checked the compatibility of my vehicle with parts even and they still sent the wrong parts claiming it was my mistake for ordering them even though the site said they were compatible.

    They are trying to claim I do not want the parts as the reason for a return but this is also fraud as they sent me the absolute wrong parts to fit my vehicle. Of course I don’t want them when RockAuto sent the wrong parts, I shouldn’t have to pay for their mistakes but they are claiming I have to because they obviously don’t care about customers as they keep hanging up on me claiming they have talked to me and explained to me everything, but all they did was keep blaming me for their website’s error.

    1. DocCyber

      Sounds like a cataloging error. Rock Auto customer support should learn customer satisfaction techniques, instead of screwing their business into the ground. Email [email protected] and explain the error was their fault, not yours, be persistent and don’t take no for an answer.

      Recently i ordered a Purolator fuel filter for an older car but received a generic pos that leaked gas. Sourced the part locally and emailed support of my dissatisfaction. They apologized and gave me a full refund. Think they are learning that the customer is king, and without customers, there would be no business!

      1. John Longmire

        I am sorry but I am trying to contact someone in returns. I sent a return to rock auto and forgot to put the paper in the box that was supposed to go with the part. I hope this doesn’t keep me from getting my money back but I read your return policy. I entered the track number on the return page. Thank You John

        1. DocCyber

          We are not RockAuto. Emailing [email protected] should get a reply.

  13. Imis

    I bought a DEA/MARMON RIDE CONTROL transmission mount: The picture displayed on rockauto website clearly displayed high quality part with corresponding $43 price. I was shipped $5 mount sourced on Alibaba:

    When I protested that what is being shipped is not what is being displayed was told that they have the rights to change parts as they see fit.
    The so called CS labeled this as “part not wanted” and refused to pay for shipping back the junk part they shipped.
    My request to speak to CS manager, was not answered and CS stopped dealing with my emails.

  14. Connie

    I bought a gates timing belt kit went to install it tensioner case cracked so i went to summit racing to buy a continental timing kit just for the tensioner because i couldn’t wait for the long return.sense the other parts were already installed i just installed the other tensioner started the car and the idler bearing was real u pulled out all the gates parts and installed the far better continental parts.

    1. Mark DeLoach

      RockAuto screwed me on shipping, tried to blame FedEx. Customer service (ironic title) was rude, manager was worse. Package NEVER delivered, payment cleared Paypal. RockAuto issued stop delivery to someone, but sent my order number by mistake to FedEx, then charged me shipping. RockAuto then held the part 10 days for “inspection”, if there was damage it would be between RockAuto and Fedex, since it was never delivered. I got the info from Fedex to clear up the issue, but to date RockAuto refuses to take the info. The credit to my Paypal was then another 5 days. Note to Max and Zack(?) turn mic OFF if you are going to talk trash about your customer, also DeLoach is not even a “Mexican” name, if you are going to be a racist at least be an informed one. No one of Hispanic decent or Color should give a dime to enrich these racists.

      1. DocCyber

        Ouch.. That really stings.. ?

        Rock Auto should learn customer service skills. Even their phone system greeting is rude if your looking for a part they don’t list online.

        I finally got my wrong item returned, and have bought a few more parts since then.

  15. Sam Jacobson

    Rock Auto has their reviews manipulated by customer lobby, but if you search using keywords like returns and customer service, many small blogs like this one reveal a lot.

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