Suspending Hate Media FCC License Will Stop Hatred Toward America

America is at War with it’s invisible enemy ‘covid-19 aka the CoronaVirus’ yet the usual unsavory dnc media partners are spreading fear and hatred toward our president. Suspending their FCC Broadcast License should do the trick shutting them up. If they won’t play nice pull their plug!

In this video: Mark Levin goes off after Chuck Todd asks – yet again – a completely misleading, preposterous question, so much that even Joe Biden says it’s too harsh. Why even ASK a question like that, Chuck?

Chuck Todd is a paid hate peddler employed by fake news NBC and MSNBC broadcasting networks. NBC is just one hate peddler that should have their FCC broadcasting license suspended. 😡

Another NBC MSNBC Hater Rachel Maddow. She was the journalist who held up a bloody fake head of president Trump. She is also the one that was made a laughing stock over her failed Trump taxes report.

Executive Powers: In times of emergency, the President can override Congress and issue executive orders with almost limitless power. Abraham Lincoln used an executive order in order to fight the Civil War, Woodrow Wilson issued numerous ones related to US involvement in World War I, and Franklin Roosevelt approved Japanese internment camps during WW2 with an executive order.

In theory America is at war, though it’s not a traditional war as we know it, but it’s a war that’s attacking our economy and killing Americans. I would think that president Trump very well could issue an executive order to suspend any hate media FCC broadcast license.

example fcc second class broadcasting license

Though suspending a broadcasters fcc permit, probably is an extreme move, suspension surely would shut up the hate peddlers promoting doom and gloom to the American public!

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2 Thoughts to “Suspending Hate Media FCC License Will Stop Hatred Toward America”

  1. Hugh

    Someone need only ask the Arizona woman who may have killed her husband, from which network she got the information. That network’s report failed to distinguish between the two common types of Chloroquine and is therefore guilty of being an accessory.

    1. DocCyber

      This could be an effort to destabilize the world’s economy. Somehow I’m speculating ? the Democrats are involved in this crisis up to their necks!

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