Julian Assange Has “October Surprise Video” For Clinton Campaign

Wikileaks Julian Assange claims he has an October Surprise in-store for the Clinton Campaign this Tuesday 10.04.16. The surprise will be delivered by video, instead of his usual email document dump.

WikiLeaks reports that the Tuesday announcement will still take place as scheduled. However, instead of having Julian Assange give his announcement on the balcony of the embassy, the announcement will take place via a video conference which will air at a Berlin press conference.

Doc suggests while your here, check out Alex Jones website InfoWars.com for the latest right side observations and factual information that will never been seen on leftist bought-and-paid-for media, such as CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc. Jones also has a great app you can download for your smartphone.

Best bet when voting for Donald Trump on 11.08.16 is to document your vote. Possibly take a snapshot of your ballot. This is illegal in many states so be discreet. One state (New Hampshire) has ruled against this no-selfie-law at their polling places.

As usual just my two cents worth! 😉

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