Are Antiquated Florida Voting Machines Ripe For Vote Flipping?

With all the talk of Election Fraud in the news, a Valid Concern with Florida’s Antiquated Voting Machines has arisen.

Florida Voting Machine Flipping
As a Floridian we’re concerned our antiquated voting machine tally could be altered to suite Democrats

Will it be possible to flip votes from one candidate to another in Florida and other states?

Back in 2000, the nation’s most spectacular election meltdown took place in Florida thanks to the infamous paper butterfly ballots, ancient voting machines and poorly trained poll workers.

The ensuing chaos led to a massive recount, a Supreme Court battle and a narrow victory for George W. Bush. Bushes brother Jeb was Florida’s governor at the time.

Between international scrutiny and federal funds, most Florida counties bought new voting machines after that. But almost 16 years later, this generation of machines is nearing the end of its life.

The greatest majority of “election rigging” and major proof of Democratic Election Fraud is making the rounds on the net, but liberal main stream media is not mentioning it because they are part of Hillary Clinton’s playbook.

Recently Wikileaks has exposed big time election fraud within the DNC and Clinton Campaign. And Project Veritas in stunning under cover video caught Clinton operatives bragging about inciting violence at Donald J Trump rallies.

Clinton Campaign operatives bragged about beating up on the Elderly and Disabled at Trump Rallies, saying on hidden camera “for additional awe factor.” Destroy Trump’s campaign at any cost.

And it’s still going on. With main stream media covering the dirty deeds against the Trump Campaign up!

America, we must take our country back by voting for Donald J Trump. It’s Americanism against Globalization. If Hillary Clinton is Elected as our 45th president, America as we once knew it will be gone forever!

Just my two cents worth as usual! 😉

I'm an outspoken good ole southern boy. Fidonet computer bulletin board system operator, hobbyist webmaster, and MAGA blogger. Just hanging out in cyberspace keeping up with tech, 'blogging my opinion' without beating around the bush!

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