Donald J Trump Becomes Our 45th President Elect

Our 45th President Elect Donald J Trump took America by storm last night literally slaughtering his opponent Senator Hillary Clinton.

America Turns Red For President Elect Donald J Trump
Donald J Trump took America by storm last night to become our 45th president elect.

America has spoken. No longer will Government corruption be tolerated. No longer will our Veterans be tossed aside like forgotten trash. Law and Order will be restored.

We the people beside our 45th president will rebuild America to be great once again.

My congratulations and thoughts on Mr. Trump winning the 45th Presidential Election.

I'm an outspoken good ole southern boy. Fidonet computer bulletin board system operator, hobbyist webmaster, and MAGA blogger. Just hanging out in cyberspace keeping up with tech, 'blogging my opinion' without beating around the bush!

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