Alt-Reality Media Loves President-Elect Donald J Trump

The “fake news” that the left media is obsessing over is only the latest indicator of the perils our new post-truth media faces.

Indeed, what we learned this year was that the lefts walls are down, and the gatekeepers have been dismissed. Bias media dethroning was a long time coming.

Alt-Reality Media Donald J Trump
As liberal media deals with the worst case of butt-hurt in American history, right alt-reality media is coming on strong.

For years, conservatives criticized the bias and double standards of the mainstream media, and much of that criticism was richly deserved.

The media’s dramatic failure to get the election right this year has made it only easier for Trump’s supporters to ignore anything that happens outside the right sides media bubble.

The appointment of Breitbart’s Steve Bannon as chief adviser to the president-elect was the new regime’s new conservative media.

And the most revealing moment was Trump’s reported call, on the Monday after the election, to Infowar’s Alex Jones to thank him for his support in the campaign.

The greatest majority of this so called Fake News is coming from the left side who are sore losers. Though Facebook is still infested with spammy click bait external websites hoping to make a buck or two on unsuspecting visitors ad clicks.

Facebook Fake News
Click bait ad farms shared to Facebook groups

Donald J Trump is sidestepping dishonest liberal mainstream media by placing his transition announcements directly on his new Transition 2017 YouTube Channel.

Bookmarking the above Transition 2017 link will provide the latest presidential news direct from Donald J Trump, minus the spin put in it by liberal media.

Meanwhile on Thanksgiving Donald J Trump tweeted this announcement that he was working with Carrier and hoping the Indiana corporation will stay in America.

Carrier corp has confirmed the company is in negotiations with Trump, but no official word has been announced as of this blog posting.

Mr. Trump also tweeted out this Thanksgiving message to America, and published his Thanksgiving greeting video on transition 2017 YouTube channel. To date that video has had over 3 Million views!

Liberal media gave this butt-hurt to themselves. They bet on Crooked Hillary Clinton and lost. It’s now the right sides turn to report the news that’s important to American’s without the usual liberal spin.

We’re off to a good start to Make America Great Again! 😉

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