United Airlines Drags Bloody Beaten Chinese Doctor By Feet Off Plane

Chinese Doctor David Dao was beaten and bloodied, then dragged from his seat by United Airlines security after refusing to deplane!

Doctor David Dao United Airlines
Chinese doctor David Dao beaten and bloodied by United Airlines security for refusing to give up his seat, on overbooked flight

When David Dao refused to deplane United ordered airport security to remove him. It was more important to United Airlines for their employee to have his seat.

Updated 04/15/17: For current information on UA3411 Indecent see this Wikipedia write-up. Wikipedia is the best source for links to updated official information.

A common practice in the airline industry is overbooking flights. United needed to fly 4 employees to their destination.

Meanwhile this debacle has turned into an absolute public relations nightmare for United Airlines. The passenger David Dao retained high-powered Chicago personal injury lawyer, Thomas Demetrio.

Dao was in a Chicago hospital undergoing treatment for his injuries Tuesday, according to a statement from Demetrio, who is helping represent Dao and his family.

Demetrio’s practice centers on medical negligence, product liability, airplane crash and commercial litigation on behalf of plaintiffs. He has negotiated more than $1 billion in settlements, according to the firm’s website.

This is going to cost United a pretty penny, and rightfully so. It’s time airlines thing twice before overbooking their flights, which Dao’s apparantly was not.

Fox News Judge Jeanine, had this to say “They have no right to bloody that man up, no right at all. This isn’t a police state!”

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