Danney Williams Bill Clinton’s Son Skype Interview 2018

Danney Williams claims that his prostitute mother met Bill Clinton when she was working the streets of Little Rock, Arkansas. He claims she told him they had sex 13 times back in the late 80’s. Could this be true? With Ole “Bubba” it’s possible!

Danney Williams, 30, uploaded this video to YouTube in which he says he regularly tells his children that Bill Clinton is his father.

Recently he told his kids that their grandfather was the president of the United States and they’re amazed by it. They’re like “No. Is it for real?” I tell them yes, he is my father and I will make sure you get to meet him one day,’ he says in the video.

He also says that growing up, his family would receive ‘seven $100 bills’ each month by mail, but it all stopped when Clinton became president. Credit Dailymail 10/2016.

We have no idea if this story is true or not, but thought it’s worthy of blogging about. Many media outlets such as the Washington Compost have negative opinions about Danney. Considering most are leftist websites and supported Crooked Hillary during the election and afterward, Doc just says “consider the source.” Good luck Danney!

Oh well.. As usual.. Just my two cents worth! 😎

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