Obama The Monkey Is Hate Speech According To Mark Zuckerberg

Got a Facebook message from Mark Zuckerberg for commenting ‘Obama the Monkey should be put into a Gitmo cage’. Facebook said it was hate speech, and a violation of their made up on the fly community standards toward Trump supporters. It’s Facebook double standard political bias censorship. Calling Zucs leftist Idol Barack Obama a Monkey hurt his little feelings! 🙄

Obama the Monkey Facebook comment
Got a 24 hour posting suspension for posting this comment on Facebook

I’m sure Facebook would have given me an ‘atta-boy’ for saying that about Donald Trump! Lets face it – the leftists are really worried and in a panic!

Believe me there’s way worse content posted on Facebook all the time. Democratic double standards that Donald Trump supporters experience on a daily basis.

Facebook Posting Suspension Notification
Facebook signed me out of their mobile app. Upon re-login i was presented with this suspension notification screen

I’m sure i was targeted by the Fascist Liberal Facebook Police. Mastering the art of stirring up the crap on Facebook does have it’s consequences. 😆

I’ve been sharing lots of Liberal Dirty Laundry to my FidoSysop brand page. Sharing juicy dirty laundry to a handful of pro-Trump groups really racks up the likes and comments.

Liberal Dirty Laundry Posted to Facebook
Gaining this much traffic on Facebook without paying Mark Zuckerbery a dime surly pisses them off

Using Buffer with my Android smartphone to share news articles to Facebook worked great. Pro Donald Trump accomplishment news does not bring a lot of traffic. But ‘Juicy Liberal Dirty Laundry’ really racks up the views, likes, and comments. 😆

President Donald Trump has made America Great once Again in such a short time. As for Barack Obama, he does resemble a monkey. I didn’t consider my comment hate speech. Obama’s plan selling out America backfired when Crooked Hillary LOST!

Obama’s many supporters like Mark Zuckerberg are sore losers. And us Donald Trump fans have em really worried. Come November the big Red Wave is going to unseat many Democrats. Nency Pelosi, Check Schumer, and Maxine Waters gotta go!

I’m just a tiny cog in the #MAGA Movement. Doing my part to support our president Donald Trump. Lets keep the big Rad Wave moving forward deep into Blue Liberal Territory. Vote Republican to turn the house and senate Bright RED!


Update 06/27/18: I was released from Facebook’s jail after 24 hours and made a couple posts. The 3rd post was blocked. They disconnected my buffer api access.

Buffer API Facebook Refused
This pro-Republican news article was refused by Facebook and my Buffer API connection was disconnected

I’m witnessing Facebook group posters complaining about deleted posts, comments, videos, etc. It’s quite obvious Facebook is fighting the RED wave that’s taking over their platform. Liberal censorship is alive an well in America!

This morning i was greeted by a community standards warning. Under the circumstance it’s time to take a break from Facebook. Maybe it should be taken as an honor knowing an old retired used car dealer is getting to them!

Facebook Community Standards Account Warning
Facebook is targeting Donald Trump supporters for account suspension

I have 10 Facebook friends that are family. The platform is quite useful for connecting with family who are out of the country. This bulls-eye target painted on my back is not worth losing my account over. Nothing will change my support for Donald Trump!

Democrats are frustrated and resorting to threats of violence! 😡

That’s where privately owned blogs like this are worth their weight in gold. While Google can and does bury articles like this deep into their index. The message is still here!

Update 06/28/18: Since being slapped silly by Zuckerberg’s team. My FB Business account is being disconnected from Buffer on every shared post. I’ve never shared fake news. Always shared articles are from Fox News and other credible sources.

It’s POLITICAL! Dem’s are showing the country what Ass’s they are. And Facebook knows Dems are losing the battle as Trump supporters rally together to MAGA!

Lets face it. Many American’s are unhappy how Barack Obama ruled our country. Selling our Uranium to Russia with Crooked Hillary’s help. Obama’s Iran nuclear deal that was a total joke. Relinquishing our Internet control. I could go on but Y’all get the point. We’re just lucky Crooked Hillary Lost the election. As far as Obama Monkey goes Susan Goldstine a Marco Rubio campaign staffer also said Obama looked like a monkey.

Under the circumstances Facebook’s apps have been removed from my smartphone. They will no longer be able to track where i go. Will not be able to turn on my microphone listing to talk around my home etc. I have Privacy at last!!

Obama The Monkey is not hate speech. That is unless it’s posted on Facebook! Your comments are appreciated. Lets share this Team Trump word deep into Cyberspace!

I'm an outspoken good ole southern boy. Fidonet computer bulletin board system operator, hobbyist webmaster, and MAGA blogger. Just hanging out in cyberspace keeping up with tech, 'blogging my opinion' without beating around the bush!

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