Edward Snowden CIA Prism Xkeyscore Spying and Facebook

Edward Snowden exposed the CIA’s Spying on Americans by leaking it’s Prism data. Today with the NSA’s massive Spy Cloud in Utah sucking in data like a huge vacuum cleaner. What part is Facebook playing in today’s spying?

NSA CIA Headquarters
Photo of the CIA NSA and US Cyber Command headquarters

The NSA Spy Cloud is a huge complex called the Utah Data Center, code-named Bumblehive. It’s like a huge vacuum cleaner sucking in data from everywhere.

NSA Bumblehive Utah
Photo of the NSA Utah data center code-named Bumblehive

It is designed to support the Intelligence Community’s efforts to monitor, strengthen and protect the nation. The Utah massive data repository is designed to cope with the vast increases in digital data.

This Utah data center is said to hold all of Crooked Hillary’s Emails! Source NZ businessman Kim Dotcom, via Twitter.

Lets face it, since Ed Snowden blew the CIA’s cover exposing Prism and how the government spied on you-and-I they needed a new partner. Their answer was to hook into Facebook’s API and connect it to their Utah Data Center AKA the spy cloud.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and the CIA were the perfect bedfellows. VentureBeat published this article in 2014: How the NSA & FBI made Facebook the perfect mass surveillance tool. The article exposed the dirty deeds being done behind our backs as Mark Zuckerberg convinced us to share our private lives with total strangers! 😡

Personally I doubt Facebook will last another 5 years. Cambridge Analytica data scraping was a disaster for Facebook and It’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Posts in the groups I frequent are down a good 80% as members either close their accounts or limit their Facebook presence. It’s been 24 hours since I’ve logged into Facebook and i don’t miss it one bit. As the saying goes.. Zuck is Fucked! 😆

Oh well.. As usual.. Just my two cents worth!

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