NBC Today Show Attempting Soft Coup Against Donald J. Trump

First thing this morning NBC Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie starts bashing President Donald J. Trump. DemocRats with fake news networks help are attempting a soft coup overtaking the presidency. What’s worse is there’s a RAT or RAT’S in the Trump admin selling out America, and NBC Fake News loves it!

NBC Today Savanna Guthrie Coup Overthrow Donald J. Trump
First thing this morning NBC Today Show host Savannah Guthrie starts bashing our president Donald J. Trump assisting DemocRats who are attempting a soft coup on the Whitehouse.

Just who is the Whitehouse staffer or staffers AKA Dirty Rat the New York Times (NYT) is citing as their opt-ed anonymous source?

It’s alleged many senior officials in President Trump’s administration are working from within his admin encouraging his resignation or convince congress to impeach him.

This is absolute BULLSHIT! Look at our economy soaring like an eagle after Trump took over the mess he inherited from Barack Obama, Crooked Hillary and there cronies.

It should be noted that Savanna Guthrie was one of 65 Liberal Reporters on the Clinton Campaign’s payroll back in October 2016. She was wined and dined by Crooked Hillary!

America is doing great after Trump took office. But hate mongering sites like ABC CBS CNN NBC and MSNBC are assisting DemocRats pull off a soft coup of the president!

Just my two cents worth! Here is Donald Trump’s contact form on whitehouse.gov Send him your comments or questions. Have blog post questions? comment below 😎

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