Donald Trump KAG2018 Rally In Johnson City Tennessee 10/01/18

President Donald Trump held another HUGE Keep America Great Rally last night in Johnson City TN. Trump rallied in support of GOP Senate nominee Marsha Blackburn inside a crowded Freedom Hall Civic Center. The President announced the United States Mexico Canada Agreement, and blasted Democrats smearing Brett Kavanaugh.

Donald Trump KAG2018 Rally Johnson City TN
Once again our president held another KAG2018 Rally in Johnson City TN last night to a packed Freedom Hall Civic Center

Right Side Broadcasting Network reporting live at the rally claim the longest lines we’ve ever seen at a Trump Rally. Donald Trump is an amazing man who has kept his campaign promises. Despite being under attack by dirty Democrats and their fake news networks our president keeps making America Greater than ever before!

President Trump made the case to his supporters that they need to turn out in November in order to protect his administration’s accomplishments since the 2016 presidential election. And if they don’t, he warned, Democrats will push their agenda of open borders and higher taxes. Don’t let Democrats win in November Vote Republican! 🙂

They’re trying to take back what we did in 2016. It was the greatest election victory in the history of our country. Democrats want to “burn down” everything Republicans have built.

Team Trump is helping President Donald Trump Keep America Great in 2018! DNC Defectors are Welcome. Dems Just Vote Republican for your Trump Train Ticket! 😎

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