Bernie Sanders Surrenders But Will Joe Biden Live To Election Day?

bernie sanders surrenders campaign

Comrade Bernie Sanders ending his presidential campaign is today’s big news. That leaves dementia stricken Joe Biden the only possible DNC nominee for president. But will Biden live long enough to be beaten by Donald Trump on election day? That’s not a threat, just my opinion! Joe Biden is in my opinion not mentally and physically well. Though the dnc lobbyist partner media is painting…

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Biden Kicking Sanders Butt But Neither Are Suitable For President

biden sandres fl il

Floridians showed Bernie Sanders their thoughts on his socialism plans by voting for Joe Biden. It’s picking the lesser of the two evils in Democrat voters mind. Florida is a closed primary state. This means voters must vote within their registered party. So registered Democrats couldn’t vote for Donald Trump, which many probably would have done. As i blogged earlier neither Sanders or Biden are…

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